5 Free Laravel Hosting Servers [Free $100 No CC] [2024}

Want refreshed excitement in web development? Choose Laravel, which is a clean and classy PHP framework.

That is specially made for web artisans.

It frees you from too much coding and helps to create amazing applications using simple, elegant, and expressive syntax.

So you can enjoy spending a lot of time on creative design.

But to fulfill the development party, you need capable and stable hosting to help your apps thrive.

Hence, we have brought up the best 5 free steller web hosting providers, including cPanel shared hosting, Windows & Linux VPS, proxy servers and cloud servers. Check below.

Cheap Laravel Hosting

Laravel Host Type Link
Kamatera Cloud VPS
Cloudways Managed VPS
Linode Cloud VPS
DigitalOcean Cloud VPS
Vultr Cloud VPS

1. Kamaterakamatera get started-1

Being the best alternative to Heroku for production artisan servers and a start-up solution provider, Kamatera starts with a $4 cheap plan.

Still, the server uses faster Intel Xeon Platinum Processors of 2.7 GHz+, 3 times faster than the older one.

With powerful 10 GBPS network speed and extensive 5000 GB bandwidth, you can comfortably serve a million visitors through their entry-level plan.

If you are resource hungry, it’s gonna suit you.

Moreover, they bring the freedom to choose OS from Window Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu as they are an authorized Microsoft partner.

It makes it possible to update software & patches quickly.

They got a simple console with many 1-click apps to manage Laravel sites and upgrade private server resources in clicks.

On the security side, cloud firewalls, disaster recovery management and daily backup make effective defenses against DDoS, like many online threats and data loss.

Their support team is ready to answer your queries on the human side. For your confidence, they are happy to provide a 30-days free trial with $100 credit to you.

Why Choose Kamatera?

Start-Up Ready Platform With Affordable Prices and Humongous Resources
13 Global Data Centers
SSD Storage
Cloud Block Storage
Cloud Load Balancer
Daily Backups
Disaster Recovery Management
Cloud Firewall
Diagonal Scaling
App Cloning
Modest Monthly Payment Model
99.90% Uptime Guarantee
24×7 Highly Response In-Human Support over the Phone & Email
Free 30 Days Trial

2. CloudwaysCloudways Laravel Hosting

Being the No-1 SMB hosting provider on G2, Cloudways is the power-packed managed hosting powered by Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vutlr.

So undoubtedly, your web property will be on the best hand of the earth.

Their Redis Object Cache Pro, Varnish & Memcached and Cloudflare Enterprises open up next-level performance, rock-solid security and ice-freezing uptime.

They have made the utmost optimized and higher performing server stack from an intelligent combination of Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB that speeds up Laravel sites 300x faster.

Moreover, their auto-healing servers and dedicated firewall instantly resolve app crashes, run regular firmware upgrades, and prevent intruders.

In the end, automated backup is always back to you if any unfortunate thing happens.

At Cloudways, you can host your laravel site within a few clicks, without coding, and manage your website easily with their elegant & clean dashboard and AI bot assistant.

Their 24×7 expert team will be at your disposal.

Now it’s time to try their server with a free trial and figure out how much it is performant for you.

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Why Choose Cloudways?

60+ Global Data Centers With Affordable Pricing
Auto-Healing Production Server
Fly with Premium Cloudflare Edge Network(250+ pop-ups) that bring TTFB under ~100ms
Strongest Security Border With CF Enterprise
300% Laravel Site Speed with Object Cache Pro & Optimized Server Stack
1-Click Laravel Install
Free Migration & Automated Backups
Git Integration
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Free Staging
Team Collaboration
Server Cloning
Monthly Billing, No need to be stuck in a long-term contract
24×7 Expert Support
3-Day Free Trial Without Credit Card

3. Linode

Linode is an excellent and trusted cloud platform with its sophisticated enterprise infrastructure.

They power their server with AMD EPYC 7000 series processors that have

45% more memory bandwidth and 87% more integer performance than Intel Scalable Gen 2 chips.

That’s why it makes the possibility of a smooth run of every app in the cloud virtually.

They got NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU in their fleet and can execute complex operations such as video streaming, gaming, video rendering and AI.

The powerful GPU is 2x more performant than the older one.

With 40 GBPS network speed and 11 global data centers, you can establish faster connectivity with your visitors at just $5 per month.

Free DDoS protection and cloud firewall are before any online threat to keep the server safe and secure.

Moreover, at Linode, you can get the benefit of block storage, bare metal, Kubernetes and docker cheaply.

If you get stuck somewhere, their highly trained team helps you over call and email 24×7.

By the way, they also offer managed service, and you can opt to save time and keep peace of mind.

Why Choose Linode?

Recognized Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
11 Global Data Centers
Free Migration
99.99% uptime SLA
$5 plan
Easier Scalable
7-Day Money Back
60 Day Free Trial with Free $100 Credit
24×7 Trained Support

4. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a renowned cloud platform that is quite popular among beginners because of its clean dashboard, hundreds 1- click apps and lower pricing.

You can even select the AMD or Intel processor you love. These processors can clock 2 GHz.

With NVMe SSD, you can boost server processing.

14 data centers, World’s third fastest DNS, load balancer and auto-healing feature help to deliver faster TTFB and retain maximum uptime.

You can launch your website with a 1-click Laravel app and manage it.

Cloud firewalls and auto backups are always on the defense front for securing servers.

Why Choose Digital Ocean?

14 Global Data Center
Affordable Premium Resource
Easy to Scale
Free Floating IP redirects network traffic to any of your VPS in the same data center.
World’s Third Fast DNS, – dnsperf.com
Load Balancer
1-Click Laravel App
Clean Dashboard
‘Pay as you go’ Payment Model
24×7 Support over Mail

5. Vultr

Vultr is known for its fast-frequency servers. Intel Skylake processors and NVMe SSD power the servers.

7G Firewall and backups protect from misfortunate happenings.

With the Intuitive dashboard, you can launch your laravel site at the closest data center from 17 global data centers to reach your audience faster.

Do you love crypto-currencies?

You can pay with bitcoin along with Paypal, Alipay and cards.

Moreover, MFA(Google Authenticator and Yubikey Device) secure your account like a bank locker.

Why Choose Vultr?

17 Global Data Centers
Intel Skylake CPU of 3+Ghz
Higher Scalability and redundancy
24×7 Human Support on Mail
Native DDos Protection & 7G Firewall
‘Pay as you use’ Payment Model


If you want to be more creative on Laravel, choose flexible Kamatera, which allows you to choose your desired RAM, SSD and OS with abundant bandwidth.

But if you are one of those who want to dedicate the whole time to growing their website and want to boost growth with the World’s best cloud platforms, go with Cloudways’s managed cloud hosting.


What is the best Laravel Hosting?
Cloudways is the best choice for Laravel as it is managed cloud hosting powered by GCP, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr.

What are the Laravel installation requirements?
PHP >= 5.4, Mcrypt PHP extension, OpenSSL PHP extension, Mbstring PHP extension & Tokenizer PHP extension 1GB Ram and Nginx or Apache or Litespeed.

Best websites built with Laravel?
Alison, Barcharts & InvoiceNinja.

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