[FIXED] Entry Processes Limit Reached in cPanel [2023]

How To Fix Entry Process Limit Reached

Did you see a red line in the block of entry processes under the statistics section on the right sidebar of cPanel? That means something went wrong with your server. Due to this issue, the number of PHP processes has crossed the limit of allowed processes set by your host. Unfortunately, your visitor can see …

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Best 6 Forex VPS Free Trial (30 Days) No Credit Card [2023]

Best 6 Forex VPS Free Trials

The FX market is where currencies are traded, and there is no central marketplace. Instead, trading is conducted electronically over the counters, which means that all transactions occur via computer networks worldwide. The decentralized market is open 24 hours a day. The major currencies are traded worldwide in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore, …

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[FIXED] GoDaddy 502 Bad Gateway WordPress [2023]

Fix godaddy 502 bad gateway

Got havoc 502 Bad Gateway Error? That implies that some process is halted in your server backend. It can be due to a lack of resources, poorly coded plugin conflicts, unreliable software updates, and malware infections. Typically a shared hosting company allows only a certain number of processes to run on the server backend as …

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GoDaddy WordPress Slow: Boost Speed by 500% like a Boss

how to fix slow godaddy website1

Your GoDaddy Site slow? The quickest way to speed up is to use Cloudflare Enterprise (APO + Argo Smart Routing + Tiered Cache). It can increase your initial site speed by 400-700%. As they average TTFB ~100 ms across the world and TTFB is 40% of LCP. Rest page loading can be accelerated by 200-300% …

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Best 8 16 Core VPS Dedicated Servers [Monster Power 2023]

16 Core VPS Dedicated Server

Need to perform multiple complex operations at the same time? Then choose heavily utilized web servers that can do heavy processing effectively. 16 Core CPU-powered web servers can help you. So we have brought up the list of the best 16 Core VPSs and dedicated servers. You can opt for it. Cheap 16 Core VPS …

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