How To Install WordPress on Linode in 1 Min [Guide 2023]

Install WordPress on Linode

Installing a WordPress on a cloud server is fun. In this post, we will guide you through installing the CMS on Linode with the same fun experience. For this fun task, you need a Linode account. You can grab it with a free $100 credit for 60 days. Now let’s get started. How To Install …

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How To Install WordPress on Kamatera in 1 Min [Guide 2023]

install WordPress on Kamatera

Kamatera is one of the finest cloud platforms that offer higher resources with robust security, optimum performance and reluctant stability at affordable pricing. For WordPress users, they have added a clean dashboard, 1-click apps and tutorials to manage their website easily. You can try it with their free trial. How To Install WordPress on Kamatera …

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How To Delete Linode Account + Get An Instant Refund [2023]

Delete Linode Account

Are you thinking about closing your Linode account? We get it- things change, and so do your tech needs. Maybe you found a different cloud provider, or you’re just tidying up your online stuff. No worries; we’re here to help you say goodbye to Linode without any hassle. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you …

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100% Off Linode Promo Code {4 Coupon + $400} [Sept 2023]

Linode Free Trial

It is much easier to get a discount at Linode for a student, blogger or SaaS owner. All you need is a discount link and a credit card or a PayPal account. Financial information is only required to pass identity verification as a serious user. No charges. By the way, the offer is also valid …

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How To Grab Kamatera VPS Free Trial For Student [Free $100]

Kamatera VPS For Student

Most popular cloud hosting providers offer special discounts or special plans for students. Kamatera is one of them. Being enterprise-grade cloud platform, Kamatera knows the need of students to acquaint with upper level cloud infrastructure. So that, a mediocre student can be a cloud expert after digging his hands in top-notch cloud resources. Therefore, Kamatera …

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