How To Install WordPress on Kamatera in 1 Min [2022]

install WordPress on Kamatera

Kamatera is one of the finest cloud platforms that offer higher resources with robust security, optimum performance and reluctant stability at affordable pricing. For WordPress users, they have added a clean dashboard, 1-click apps and tutorials to manage their website easily. You can try it with their free trial. How To Install WordPress on Kamatera … Read more

Kamatera vs Digital Ocean: Find out Winner in 12 Battles [2022]

kamatera vs digital ocean

Kamatera Vs Digital Ocean? In our 12 tests, Kamatera scored higher in 11 tests and 1 test was tied. Kamatera delivered faster TTFB (22ms), performed better in a longer stress test with unmatchable uptime(100%), and provided safety against DDoS, brute force attack and Trojan, while Digital ocean was with fewer resources, no security, reluctant support … Read more