DigitalOcean Free Tier Account [$200+Extra $100} [2024}

Yes, DigitalOcean has a free-tier plan for you. The giant cloud platform provides a $200 hosting credit for newbies, businessmen, gamers, and SaaS owners.

The best thing is that in the free-tier plan, users are allowed to use under $200 worth of paid plans at no cost.

Even if you don’t require a credit card. Now let’s dive in to learn how to claim the free-tier plan.

How to Claim DigitalOcean Free Tier AccountHow to Claim DigitalOcean Free Tier Account

DigitalOcean offers a free plan only for 60 days. To claim the deal, you must have a PayPal account and make a payment of at least $5. If you don’t use a credit card. You can use the amount after the expiration of the free-tier period.

At Kamatera, you don’t need to make a payment to activate the free tier plan, and you will get the same resources with an extra $100 credit.

Now let’s start the process.

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Get Free $100 VPS Credit 

1.Go to free tier pageDigital Ocean Sign Up 1
2.Fill your first name, email and passwordCreate your account DigitalOcean 3.Confirm your email address.

4.Link your card or pre-pay $5 with PayPal to pass identity verification.Create your account DigitalOcean

The card method is non-chargeable until the free tier period ends. Only fleeting charges [$1–2] are applicable for human verification and will be reverted soon. With Paypal, you need to pay $5 at least. It is not refundable.
add a card
4.Enter your billing address.

5.You will be redirected to the Paypal payment page, where you can clear your payment. (If you have chosen PayPal.)

6.Now your account will be activated.digitalocean dashboard

What Resource Will You Get?

The host doesn’t compromise while providing resources in the free tier. You will get the following things.

  • 5 Droplets
  • Unlimited IPv4 and IPv6
  • Cloud firewall
  • Block storage
  • Daily backup
  • Free DNS management
  • Load balancer

What Things You can Do?

Except RDP, Windows VPS and Forex, Digital Ocean is a complete cloud hosting where you can
launch a variety of cloud products. If I throw light on these, that will be:

  • Launch Web Servers
  • Host a Website
  • Deploy a container-based app
  • Deploy a database
  • Deploy a virtual machine
  • Store static object
  • Launch VPN
  • Create Cloud Function
  • Launch Cloud Firewall

Alternative Free Tier

Kamatera – Kamatera provides Linux VPS, RDP, Forex & Windows VPS at no cost. But it requires a valid credit card. However, their server stunned us in an independent test, as their TTFB was only 22 ms and they retained 100% uptime. They easily beat Digital Ocean. 100+ one click apps and support through live chat, phone calls, and tickets are a boon for newbies.


Does DigitalOcean have a free tier?
Yes, they have such a plan, but with a limited period.

Does DigitalOcean require a credit card?
No, you can complete identity verification through Paypal.

For how many days does DigitalOcean offer a free-tier plan?
It changes over time. Sometimes it is allowed for 30 days. Currently, you can use it for 60 days.

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