4 Free VPS For VPN [Free $200 Credit ][No Credit Card 2024]

In the post, you will learn about cloud platforms that offer free VPS for VPN service. The cloud platforms are reputable and positioned high in the market. So you will get a reliable, quality, and performant VPS to launch a powerful VPN.

Now let’s get started.

Free VPS For VPNfree vps for vpn

What is VPN

VPN is acronym of virtual private server which eastablish an encrypted connection between you and the website or app. In simple term, it masks your identity and IP address online and connect you through a secured tunnel. It keeps your data safe from black shadow of hackers and govt.

It also makes you to change your online location to some country where you can access banned content.

Without exceptions, VPN is an online oxygen. Today’s many govt bodies disallowed contents, apps and websites.Few of them are critical. If you go out for vacation to Cuba where Google Map is banned. VPN can help you.

Benefit of using VPS for VPN

VPS gives full control of the data itself. Both products’s main propose match each other. So installing VPN on VPS can provide various benefits like below-

Data Safety – VPS is a fully separated server part from the rest parts of the server which belong to you. You are the only one who have access the server. It mean, you can catter data safety on the peak.

Location -Location matters a lot when we consider speed of connectivity. By choosing near location of VPS to a favorit content country, you can accelerate accessiblity of the content. VPS does it simply.

Pricing – Often ready-made VPN services charge high, sometime it can burn your pocket, if you are on tight budget. VPN on VPS would be a life easy maker. Some VPS cost nothing. You can deploy a open source VPN. It can be totally free package for you.

Uptime – A VPS is hired by a customer. So no much users no overcrowing and overloading. It will ecourage smooth run of VPS.

Flexibility – You can deploy your VPS on Window or Linux VPS server. Aftewards, you can upgrade or degrade resources as per your need. You can control charges.


Enterprise grade infrastructure riched Kamatera strongly believe in the policy of first try and then trust. In respect of the policy, they offer VPN hosting for free for a period of 30 days.

Additionaly they credit $100 credit, once you signed up with them. You can deploy popular OpenVPN and UTunnel VPN with a single click.

Their servers are stunner as their beginner VPS took only 22ms to respond (TTFB) and remained 100% up regardless of numerous stress testing in an independent test.

You can try the robust resource out with a credit card. They only charge $1-2 to validate genuity of customer and revert it back in same time.

Pro Con
Enterprise Grade VPN Infrastructure No Paypal
18 Datacenters
Popular One-Click VPN Apps
1-Click Scaling
Monthly & Hourly Billing
No Charge, If Linux server is switch off
Windows & Linux Server for VPN
24/7 Flexible Support over Phone & Ticket


G2’s most trusted cloud platform Linode keeps huge flexibility in offer VPN hosting. As they have huge one-click apps like popular WireGuard, OpenVPN, UTunnel VPN, WarpSpeed and Pritunl with free 60 days hosting.

Their servers own capability to run a simple app to execute AI processing, video rendering and gaming streaming like resource-hungry task. As their servers are powered by performant AMD EPYC 7002 and robust NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPUs.

You can take it all for a taste without a credit card with $200 credits.

Pro Con
Robust Cloud Infrastructure No Windows OS
14 Global Data Centers
Multiple One-Click VPN Apps
99.99% Industry Guarantee
Modest Monthly Billing
Free DDoS Protection
24/7 Expert Support via phone


Vultr is widly known for high frequency servers which is powered by high clock speed CPU and NVme local storage to fulfil high-end resource demand.

You can deploy Wireguard, WarpSpeed, UTunnel, Pritunl and CloudHub withing a click for free period of 30 days.

They have deployed 3GHz Intel Skylake processor with 100% uptime SLA to provide best speed and top-notch reliability.

You can take on it at no cost without a credit card.

Pro Con
Super Frequency Severs Paid DDoS Protection
29 Global Data Centers
Multiple 1-Click VPN Apps
Linux & Windows OS
Generous Monthly Billings
24/7 Ticket Support

4.Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is very similar to Linode but it has ease over Linode in terms of UX for newbies.

They have enough verity of one-click VPS such as UH VPN, Pi-hole VPN, NetMaker VPN, UH VPN, UTunnel VPN and WardSpeed. These all come with no-cost 60-day trial.

Servers are high performing as they responded under 200 ms and managed 99.96% uptime in our test.

You can boost the performance two times by opting for premium droplets which come with blazing fast NVme SSD and 3.2 GHz AMD chips.

Pro Con
NVme Powered Servers No Windows OS
14 Datacenters in 9 Locations Poor Support
Various One-Click VPN Apps No DDoS Protection
Beginner Friendly Dashboard


What is a Free VPS for VPN?
A Free Virtual Private Server (VPS) for VPN is a hosting solution that gives users access to a virtual server instance that they can use to set up and maintain their own VPN (Virtual Private Network). Individuals can use this to safeguard their internet connection, gain access to restricted information, and maintain their online privacy.

How do I get a Free VPS for VPN?
Kamatera, Vultr, Linode and Digital Ocean like reputable cloud platform offer free VPS for VPN. You can opt for it.

What are the benefits of using a Free VPS for VPN?
Encrypting your internet traffic using a Free VPS for VPN makes it more secure and private. You can circumvent geographic restrictions to access information from other countries while also increasing your online anonymity. It’s a low-cost option to experiment with VPN technology without committing to a commercial service.

Are there any drawbacks to using a Free VPS for VPN?
There are several disadvantages. Many free VPS providers offer limited resources such as bandwidth, computing power, and storage. This can lead to slower speeds and lower performance. Furthermore, some free services may be unreliable, lack sufficient customer care, or even threaten your privacy.

Can I trust free VPS providers with my data?
It is critical to exercise caution while dealing with free VPS providers. While some suppliers are trustworthy, others may engage in questionable practices. Your data privacy and security may not be as secure as they would be with a respected paid VPN provider. Before entrusting your data to a free VPS service, always conduct extensive research and read reviews.

What should I consider when choosing a Free VPS for VPN?
Consider criteria such as server location, available resources (CPU, RAM, storage), data transfer limitations, uptime guarantees, and the provider’s reputation when choosing a free VPS for VPN. Examine the terms of service carefully to learn any limitations or restrictions associated with the free plan.

Are there alternatives to using a Free VPS for VPN?
Yes, there are options. If you’re concerned about the restrictions and potential risks of free VPS services, you should look into dependable commercial VPN services. These services include improved performance, more dependable security, customer support, and a broader selection of server locations.

Can I host other services on a Free VPS for VPN?
Depending on the provider’s terms of service, you may be able to host other services on a free VPS in addition to your VPN. Keep in mind, however, that restricted resources may have an impact on the execution of additional services.

How do I set up a VPN on a Free VPS?
The method will differ depending on your VPS provider and OS system. In general, you’ll need to install and setup VPN server software on your VPS, such as OpenVPN or WireGuard. The provider may give instructions or tutorials to assist you with the setting process.

Is a Free VPS for VPN suitable for long-term use?
Due to their limitations, free VPS services are frequently better suitable for testing, learning, and short-term use. Consider a paid VPS or a dedicated VPN service for dependable and consistent performance, especially for long-term use.

While free VPN VPS services might provide an introduction to the world of VPNs, investing in a respected paid VPN service can provide improved security, privacy, and overall performance for your online activities. When choosing a VPN service, always emphasize your online security and privacy.

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