Best 6 VPS Free Trial 60 Days {Free $400 + No CC} [2024}

60 days is a long period to testify about anything, especially in web hosting. On your demand, we have especially combined a list of such VPS hostings (worth $400 aggregately) that provide their VPS free for 60 days.

You will see some companies that have a 30-day free trial. We have included them because of their quality service. Now let’s plunge into the article.

VPS Free Trial 60 Days

VPS Hosting Type Duration CC Required Link
Linode Cloud 60 Days No
DigitalOcean Cloud 60 Days No
Kamatera Cloud 30 Days Yes
ClubVPS Cloud 30 Days Yes
IONOS Cloud 30 Days No
Rocket Managed VPS 30 Days No

1.LinodeLinode Free Trial

With a 60 days trial offer without a credit card, Linode (now renamed Akamai) is a stunner as they invite you to use NVIDIA Quadro RTX and AMD EPYC 7002 series chips for scientific calculations, AI processing, video rendering, and live gaming streaming.Linode Free Trial Credits

They also got beginner’s favorite 100+ one-click apps like Cyberpanel, WordPress, Minecraft, Litespeed, etc. under their intuitive dashboard.

So a newbie can launch a VPS with a click and host his websites with a few clicks for free under the offer.

On the security front, their engineers deploy DDoS protection and cloud firewalls to build multi-layer security layers against any online threats.

Meanwhile, if you face any hurdles, you can contact their 24/7 support team via ticket and phone call.

Pro Con
G2’s Top Cloud Platform No Windows OS
Extremely Powerful Server Equipment No Paypal as payment method while it is widely used in most popular hosts.
99.99% Industry Uptime Guarantee
15 Data centers
Free DDoS Protection
Free Cloud Firewall
Affordable plans start from $5
Multiple payment methods, like Google Pay and Paypal
‘Use first, pay later’ generous payment mode
24/7 Reliable Support on tickets & calls

2.Digital Ocean

When it comes to ease of use, you will find Digital Ocean at the top. Because of their elegant dashboard with popular one-click apps and extensive help documents. You can test them for 60 days with a free $100 hosting credit.Digital Ocean Free Credits

Their server is powerful, as it took only 131 ms to respond and retained 99.96% uptime in an independent test.

The test was performed on their basic plan, which costs $5 per month. You can enhance the performance by 2x by opting for a premium instance that contains NVMe and 3.2 GHz processors.

To tighten security, they provide a firewall, which you can implement and set your own rules for.

Pro Con
Robust server resource with latest technology Poor support
Beginner’s favorite dashboard and 100+ one-click apps No Windows OS
14 Data centers No DDoS protection
One of the fastest DNS
Affordable plan price
Monthly payment mode

3.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

In recent times, it has emerged as the most popular cloud platform among cloud administrators and pro-bloggers because of its flexible features, reasonable pricing, enterprise servers, and steadfast support.

You can customize your server plan better than both Linode and DigitalOcean. You can choose exactly how many resources you need for your project. In this way, you can save money while opting for a paid plan. As of now, they offer a 30 days free trial with a $100 hosting credit. You can check them out with more than 100 one-click apps.

Their server performance was mind-blowing, as their TTFB was merely 22 ms and they retained 100% uptime regardless of various stress tests. During the test, the server, which was built on the basic plan ($4/m), handled 10k concurrent users in real time with zero errors.

Moreover, N+1 redundancy, disaster recovery management, and firewalls take care of everything on the security side.

If you have a credit card, you can try it at no cost. They just charge $1 for identity verification and revert it once the sign-up process is done.

As the host is an official Microsoft partner, you can deploy Windows servers, Windows RDP servers, and Forex servers for free.

Pro Con
Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure Costly managed service
Microsoft’s Official Partner that enables fast licencing and quick software updates No Paypal as it is used widely.
18 data centers
Diagonal Scaling
Reasonal Pricing
“Use First, Pay Later” payment mode
24/7 Flexible Support on Call & Email

4.Club VPSclub vps free trial

Club VPS is a subsidiary of Kamatera, which provides the same trial offer. But the cloud platform is ideal for SMBs and enterprises that need dedicated servers.

Their servers are powered by heavy-duty Intel Xeon Platinum chips and have 40 GBPS port speeds, with redundant configuration for every piece of installed equipment to cope with any downtime and fulfill enterprise-grade needs smoothly.

So, if you have a resource-intensive application or website, you can go for it.

Pro Con
Enterprise-grade Infrastructure Costly managed service
Microsoft’s Official Partner that enables fast licencing and quick software updates No Paypal as it is used widely.
18 data centers
Diagonal Scaling
Reasonal Pricing
“Use First, Pay Later” payment mode
24/7 Flexible Support on Call & Email


With fewer data centers in Europe and North America but being ISO 27001 certified, IONOS is a prominent European cloud host.

Their servers consist of the latest generation Intel Xeon E5 chips and a 100% SSD SAN storage system with full virtualization and unlimited transfer.

You give it a try for 30 days at a cost of $2. You pay with PayPal.

Pro Con
ISO 27001-certified Certified Data-Centers Not data center in Asia region
Latest Intel Chips No Windows OS
Unlimited Transfer
99.99% uptime guarantee
1-click apps
24/7 Responsive Support via Call & Ticket

6.Rocketrocket halloween offer

Rocket is only for those who want to experience a premium managed VPS for WordPress. Their plan provides true Cloudflare Enterprise’s CDN & security for free.

The almighty CDN company ensures data delivery under ~100ms through their premium 285 pop-ups and deploys multi-layered security.

Moreover, the host’s dashboard comes with pre-configured speed optimization settings; just by hosting your web property there, loading speed can be skyrocketed by 3x.

Their support is so quick. Reply in record time on chat, ticket, and call.

You can experience the premium VPS for 30 days for $1.

Pro Con
Superfast Server Specs No Subdomain support
10 Data center locations
Free True Cloudflare Enterprise
Real-time malware scanning
Unlimited transfer
Speed booster dashboard
Free daily backup
24/7 Expert Support

Wrap Up

Linode is an ideal choice for those who need extensive resources, while DigitalOcean is the best for UX. Both hosts are the prestigue cloud platform on which you can rely.

Over the top, Rocket provides exclusive managed VPS for the business-minded guy who can focus all his energy on website growth, not on hassling server issues.


How does the 60-day free trial work?
The 60-day free VPS trial allows you to sample the benefits of VPS hosting services for the first two months at no cost. You can select a plan, join up, and use the VPS services for 60 days. Following the trial period, you can choose to continue with a paid plan or terminate the service.

What features are included in the free trial?
You will receive access to a fully functional virtual private server with allocated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage throughout the 60-day trial. You can install software, host websites, create databases, and do other things just like with a commercial service.

Is there a limit on the resources during the trial?
While the trial resources are enough for most small to medium-sized tasks, they may be limited in comparison to premium plans. They are, nevertheless, significant enough to give you a good understanding of the performance and capabilities of our VPS hosting.

What happens after the 60-day trial period?
Unless you cancel before the conclusion of the trial period, your account will be automatically billed for the selected plan. You will continue to enjoy uninterruptible access to the VPS and its resources.

Can I cancel the trial before the 60 days are up?
Yes, you are free to cancel the trial at any moment within the 60-day period. Simply log in to your account and discontinue your subscription. Please keep in mind that if you cancel your trial, your VPS will be deleted.

Are there any hidden charges?
Absolutely not. 60-day free trial is genuinely free, with no hidden fees or charges. You’ll only be billed if you choose to continue with a paid plan after the trial period.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan during the trial?
During the trial period, you won’t be able to upgrade or downgrade your plan. If you wish to do so, you can make these changes once the trial has ended and you’ve selected a paid plan.

Is technical support included during the trial?
Yes, technical support team is available to assist you throughout the trial period. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out for guidance and support.

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