4 Free Windows RDP Server Trial {30 Days+$100}[No CC 2023]

Are you a student or a professional? it is always better to try out RDP Server, before investing your hard-earned money.

So we’ve picked the best RDP server providers for you. Some don’t require a credit card. It will save a lot time and you can plan to go longer with one confidently.

Now let’s check out the list.

Free Windows RDP Server Trialfree rdp server trial

Web Hosting  Type Duration Link
Kamatera Cloud RDP 30 Days
ClubVPS Cloud RDP 30 Days
InterServer Cloud RDP 30 Days
IONOS Cloud RDP 30 Days

1.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

Kamatera is a beast in the category, as they come with a 30 days free trial with $100 credit for RDP servers and top-performing enterprise-grade infrastructure.

In an independent test, their server responded in 22ms only and retained 100% uptime.

Their beginning plan handled 10k concurrent users in real time with no errors. It clearly reflect their server capabilities.

They also save a lot time and do processing, licensing procedures, installation, registration and ensuring all periodic software updates as they are an authorized Microsoft partner.

You will get Windows 10 Desktop and Windows 8.1 Desktop OSes to launch your powerful RDP server.

The host provides a RDP URL with password protected. Share the url with your team and they will connect to RDP. No need for any connector software.

However, they charge $1-2 for identity verification, and instantly refund it after finishing the process, if you opt for their trial offer.

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Pro Con
Strong 2.7 Ghz Intel Processor No enough documentation
Beginner friendly dashboard
18 Datacenter in 17 global locations
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Cloud Firewall and Disaster recovery management
Diagonal Scaling
Daily Backups
Managed Service available
“Pay as you go” payment model
24/7 Responsive Support on Live chat, phone call & Ticket

2.ClubVPSclub vps free trial

ClubVPS is a sister cloud company of Kamatera. But it was established to serve users like developers, system administrators and IT managers who require high resource for their production apps.

Therefore, their servers are built with potent Intel Xeon Platinum processors, SSD storage, and 40 gbps port speeds.

They offer a 30 days RDP free trial with Windows 10, 8, and a gift of unlimited bandwidth.

Like their sister, they also cut a penny for verification and refund it at the time of signing up for the free trial.

Pro Con
Heavy Duty Server Infrastructure No official tutorial
Microsoft Authorized Partner
18 Global data centers
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Monthly modest payment model
24/7 Flexible Support through live chat, call & email

3.Interserver.netInterserver VPS

Interserver.net provides a Hyper-V platform based Windows VPS server at a cost of $0.01 for 30 days. You can connect it to your laptop remotely and use its resources for gaming, currency mining, data processing, and forex.

To make beginners’ lives easier, they include a Plesk control panel in all Windows plans.

Beginners can run updates, monitor performance, do cloning, staging, security, use Git, ImunifyAV, and backup. For developer experimentation, they permit full root access to do tweaking to enhance the features of Windows VPS.

Pro Con
Highly reputed Equinix Data Centers Only US servers
Hyper V and KVM available with Windows & Linux Desktop
Remote Backup Service
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Permission for Currency Mining
Protected with Firewall
24/7 USA Support on Chat, Ticket and Call

4.IONOSIONOS free trial

IONOS is a prominent European VPS provider with ISO certified data centers and NVMe SSDs. Their servers are built with the latest generation Intel Xeon E5 chip. The host is a good choice for those who want certified resources and unlimited transfers at 1 GBPS.

As RDP user, you can launch Window 2019 and 2022 under pre-configured firewall and DDoS protection. And you can manage it with Plesk.

By the way, the trial offer will cost $2 for 30 days. You pay with PayPal.

Pro Con
ISO certified Data Centers No data center in Asia
Unlimited bandwidth
Multi-layered security
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Support on Email & Call

How To Get Access of RDP On Android

There are numerous RDP connector Android apps available. By using them, you can get free access to RDP. I would recommend you to choose Chrome Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop. Both are easy to configure and connect to RDP in seconds.


Remarkable performance in an independent test, enterprise-grade infrastructure with 18 data centers, a beginner friendly dashboard, ironclad security, an authorized Microsoft partnership, and multiple Windows OSes pose Kamatera as a super boss.

From a student to a businessman, anyone can test it for 30 days at no cost.


What is RDP?
RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a technology developed by Microsoft to connect a remote computer or a cloud remote computer.

Can I use free RDP for lifetime?
Yes, unless your usage is under a certain limit and your provider has such a plan.

Which host offers free RDP for 1 month?
Kamatera and ClubVPS have such a plan.

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