7 Free VPS & RDP Trial No Credit Card {Free $600 + 60 Days}

So you would like to unlock the upper level of web hosting?

A free VPS trial offer will be a great option to figure out how much they are suitable for your project.

By opting for the VPS first-month free offer, you can test the cloud VPS as a web server, gaming server, Minecraft server, German VPS, VPN network, Forex server, and RDP at no cost without a credit card.

We have compiled a list of the best free trial offers worth $600 aggregately. In the list, we have included only cloud platforms to fulfill the purpose of gaining more performance, higher reliability, more security, and being more affordable than a standard web host.

Now let’s plunge into the list.

Free VPS No Credit Card 60 & 30 Daysvps free trial

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Best Performance
  • Free 30-Day Trial With $100
  • Linux & Windows RDP & VPS
  • Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure 
  • 100+ 1-Click Apps
  • Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
Developer Friendly
Club VPS
  • Built For Big Business 
  • Powerful Server Equipment with 40 GBPS Port Speed
  • Windows & Linux RDP & VPS 
  • 30+ One-Click Apps 
  • 24/7 Flexible Support on Live Chat, Call & Email 
  • 30-Day Trial With $100
Beginner Friendly
  • Top 5 Cloud Platforms At A Place 
  • Free Object Cache Pro For Optimum Caching 
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN 
  • 1-Click WordPress, Drupal & Joomla Apps
  • 24/7 Flexible Support 
  • Free Trial with $100 without CC 

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1.Kamatera (VPS & RDP)kamatera get started-1

Kamatera has topped the list, as they performed superbly in our independent test. Their 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum chip-powered servers took only 22 ms to respond (TTFB) and maintained an amazing 100% uptime during the testing period of 30 days.

Their entry-level plan successfully handled 10k concurrent in real time with zero error.

The plan only costs $4 per month. However, you can get a free ride for 30 days with $100 credit. A credit card is required. They cut $1–2 to filter out boats or non-serious users and instantly refund the charge after the sign-up process.

YouTube video

Moreover, you can also launch free Linux RDP, Windows RDP, VPS, and Forex server with their various Linux and Windows desktop OS.

Pro Con
Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, Like Various Linux and Windows OS Managed service at a high cost
18 Datacenters in 17 prime locations No Paypal as payment method while it is widely used in most popular hosts.
24/7 Flexible Human Support on calls & email
N+1 Redundant Server and multiple energy sources to cope up system failure.
Clean Dashboard with 100+ one-click apps such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, etc
Free Cyberpanel, cPanel, & Plesk Web available
Diagonal scaling with 1-click server cloning
SSD and powerful processor
Daily backups
RDP & Email servers are available
‘Use First Pay Later’ payment option

2.Club VPSclub vps free trial

If you are looking for a dedicated VPS for SMBs and enterprises, Club VPS pops up as a great option. It is a subsidiary of Kamatera, if you like Kamatera, then you’re going to like it also. However, the price is higher than Kamatera.

Heavy-duty Intel Xeon Platinum processors (2.6 GHz to 106.667 GHz) empower servers, which are already having redundant configurations for every installed device to avoid any downtime and fulfill industry-grade needs smoothly.

Your data can be transferred at a top speed of 40 GBPS.

You can personally check in with the host for 30 days with a credit card at no cost. However, they charge $1–2 for verification purposes and refund it instantly.

Pro Con
Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure No tutorials on their official website
18 Data Centers
A bunch of Linux & Windows OSes
30 popular preinstalled apps with 1 click
24/7 Flexible Support on call & email
No obligation to be in a contract, pay as you go
Super Network Speed
99.95% uptime promise

3. Cloudwayscloudways credit button

For getting the best outcome from an unmanaged cloud platform, it requires a lot of hair pulling time and expertise. If you’re an absolute beginner, don’t worry.

Cloudways will bring the pinnacle of cloud performance to manage AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr from your side at a reasonable price.

You just need to install your CMS like WordPress with a click, the rest of the server configuration is done by Cloudways expert team.

You can also integrate Cloudflare Enterprise, which ensures guaranteed latency under 100 ms, robust security across the globe, and mobile & image speed optimization.

Free object cache pro comes with all plans except the entry level plan. The server level caching mechanism boosts site speed by 2 times.

They only allow 3 days to test them at no cost with no CC. Therefore, they hit the bottom of the category.

Pro Con
Beginner friendly AI powered dashboard A tiny period of free trial
60 Data Centers
Free migration
Ironclad Security from Cloudflare Ent.+Cloudways
Email Addons
Pay as you go payment model
Real time malware detection
24/7 Support

4.AccuWebaccuweb windows vps

If you are looking for Windows VPS, Accuweb is a good option as it comes with faster 1 GBPS ports and Windows 2012 OS.

You will have also full root access and can host unlimited domains. Free DDoS protection secure servers 24/7 and free weekly backup make users free from data loss.

Moreover, if you have query, you can contact their responsive support via ticket and live chat. You can avail the offer without a credit card. A govt ID is required to grab the offer.

Pro Con
Resource Rich Server Only US data centers
Free Backup
Free DDoS Protection
Server Firewall
24/7 Expert Support

5.DigitalOceanDigital Ocean Sign Up 1

Since 2019, DigitalOcean has been one of the reliable partners of my online journey. That time I didn’t know much about cloud servers. But by using their simple dashboard, I managed to install a 1-click Cyberpanel app to launch WordPress and migrate my web-property.

It is the best in ease of use. First time cloud users can kick-start their cloud journey.

Servers are high performing as they responded under 200 ms and managed 99.96% uptime in our test.

You can boost the performance two times by opting for premium droplets which come with blazing fast NVme SSD and 3.2 GHz AMD chips.

You can try it for 60 days at no cost, if you link your credit card. Otherwise, with Paypal, you need to pay a minimum upfront amount of $5. It will add to d your balance and can be used for hosting charges.

Pro Con
Beginner friendly clean dashboard No daily backups
14 Data centers Pretemplated support only on the ticket
100+ One Click Apps No DDoS protection
NVme SSD 5x faster than a standard SSD No Windows OS
Multiple Linux OSes, including Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos
One of the Fastest DNS in the World – DNSperf.com


Vultr is quite popular for their high frequency servers, as their servers are built with Intel Skylake chips of 3 GHz and NVMe storage.

NVIDIA A16 unlocks top-notch performance for running multiple complex processes, such as video rendering, AI calculations, live streaming, and gaming apps.

Experienced developers rejoice to join them.

A vast bunch of data centers and 100% uptime SLA allow you to keep your data accessible and nearest to your audience with no interruption.

They also come with a free 30-day trial without a CC.

Pro Con
Higher Performing Server Infrastructure Support only on tickets
32 Global Data Centers Paid DDoS protection
Two Step Account Security
Extensive Official Tutorials & Docs
Multiple Linux & Windows OSes

7.Linode (Akamai)Linode Free Trial

Linode (now renamed as Akamai) is the most trusted cloud platform at G2 in 2023. They have a variety of products for bloggers, SMBs, SaaS and gamers.

As AMD EPYC 7002 processor and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU powers their servers. The chips have 45% more memory transfer capabilities and can perform 87% more than Intel scalable Gen 2 chips in the same class.

Like Digital Ocean, a newbie can launch a site on their favorite CMS with over 100 one-click apps and find better security. As it provides free DDoS protection.

It is very flexible to offer a free trial. Link one payment method from Google Pay, Paypal, and credit card at no cost, they will credit $100 for 60 days in your account.

Pro Con
Robust infrastructure No Windows OS
15 Data centers
Multiple payment methods
Modest monthly payment modal
99.99% industry guarantee
Free DDoS Protection & Cloud Firewall
Daily Backups
24/7 expert support over the phone


The characteristics of each web host differ. They have created it for their target audience. I’ve included those that can be used as a web server, gaming server, Minecraft server, VPN network, or RDP.

All of these are extremely fast and dependable in terms of speed, uptime, and security. You can test them out in a few clicks and decide what works best for you in a matter of days.

If you ask me, I would recommend that you try Kamatera.

Abundant Seasoned in Web Hosting
Hardware & Software Rich
Powerful Servers with Intel Xeon Platinum
Beginner Friendly, 1-click apps like WordPress
Tremendous Global Presence with 13 data centres
Solid defence with Cloud Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management against Online Threat
Massive RAM & SSD Storage at affordable pricing, starting from $4/m
Free Migration Service
Authorised Microsoft Partner
Pay as you Go Payment Model
24/7 Responsive Phone, Live Chat & Email Support
Free 30 Days Trial
Web Hosting Hosting Type Duration CC Required Link
Kamatera Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
ClubVPS Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
Cloudways Managed VPS 3 Days No
Accuweb Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
DigitalOcean Cloud VPS 30 Days No
Vultr Cloud VPS 60 Days No
Linode Cloud VPS 30 Days No


1. What is a VPS free trial?

A VPS free trial is like a sneak peek at a virtual private server, where you get to try it out without paying a dime. It’s your chance to see if it’s a good fit for you.

2. How long can I play around with the VPS during the free trial?

You’ve got a little window of time, usually anywhere from 3 days to 60 days, to test the waters and see if the VPS suits your needs.

3. Do I need a credit card to sign up for the VPS free trial?

Some providers might ask for your card info for verification, but not all of them. No worries, though; we’ll guide you through it.

4. What can I do with a VPS during the free trial?

Almost anything you want! Host websites, try out applications, tinker with software settings, and more. It’s like having your very own virtual playground.

5. Are there any limits during the free trial?

Yep, there could be some limits on things like CPU power, memory, and storage. But don’t fret, these usually disappear when you upgrade to a paid plan.

6. Can I upgrade during the free trial if I love it?

Absolutely! If you fall in love with your VPS before the trial ends, you can upgrade to a paid plan anytime you want to keep the good times rolling.

7. What happens after the VPS free trial wraps up?

When the trial curtain falls, you’ll need to decide: upgrade to a paid plan or wave goodbye to your virtual server. Your data and settings might stick around if you choose to stay.

8. Will I get hit with cancellation fees if I decide not to continue?

The fees (or lack thereof) can vary depending on the provider. Good news: many providers don’t charge cancellation fees for trial users. Check their policies just to be sure.

9. Can I use the VPS free trial for my business?

While the free trial is mainly for testing and trying things out, using it for your business might not always be allowed. It’s a good idea to check with the provider’s terms.

10. How do I kick off my VPS free trial adventure?

To start your VPS free trial journey, just hop over to the hosting provider’s website, sign up, and follow their friendly instructions for getting started.

11. Can I move my existing website or stuff to the VPS during the trial?

Absolutely! You can usually transfer your website and data to the VPS during the trial period. The hosting provider often has handy guides and support to assist with the move.

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