How To Install RDP on Kamatera [Free Windows Linux 2024}

Setting up a RDP on Kamatera VPS is easy and doesn’t require you to be a coder. With the guide, you will be able to install your First RDP Server for free with 10 clicks, whether it is a Windows RDP or Linux RDP.

Right now, you need only to sign up for Kamatera Free Trial.

Now let’s get into the tutorials.

What is RDP

RDP aka Remote Desktop Protocol is a way to connect with a faraway PC. You can control that pc by your keyboard and mouse just like a TV remote.

You can run a game on your friend PC and play it through your PC. So you don’t need to invest in PC. Just make a friend and use their computer resources.

Now a days, you can access powerful cloud computer via the way on cheap price or free of cost.

Who can use it?

RDP has made life easy. A needy can connect easily with high computing resources to do his work. Any one who run computer, can feel a need of RDP.

1.Gamers – Gaming on basic PC. It’s murder of own PC. Go for Cloud RDP and enjoy unbreakable gaming experience. It’s available on pocket friendly prices.

2.Bloggers – Bloggers also design graphics or edit video. Powerfull pc ease the process and complete in the least time.

3.Professional – For a professional work always requires a reliable computer to turn the work into good quality.

4.Student – Being a student in IT field, it should be first priority to get exposure of the modern technology that seem tiny but has great role in connecting point to point of resources. RDP is one of them. If you know about it, whether you stuck in a deep rural areas, but you have a basic PC, you can accomplish your project steadily.

How To Install RDP On Kamatera

Kamatera is a versatile company which offer both major RDPs – Linux RDP and Window RDP with various sub versions of RDP Oses. You can install preferred RDP quickly by following the guide.

Deploy Windows RDP on Kamatera

1.Login to Kamatera Console.

2.In left sidebar, go to My Cloud>Create New Desktopmy cloud
3.Choose a data center near to you.choose data center
4.Choose Window OS choose windows desktop> Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. I am going to choose to Windows 10choose windows version
5.Choose Server Specs like this-choose server specs

  • Type A
  • CPU 1 core
  • RAM 1 GB
  • SSD 30 GB

6.Come to Finalize settings, set strong password and name your RDP server.finalize settings
7.Choose billing cyclechoose billing cycle

  • Monthly Billing Cycle
  • Hourly Billing Cycle

If just want to launch for testing purpose or accessing some websites, choose hourly billing cycle. You can set power off later, when you don’t need to use it. Then Kamatera charge you only 30-35% portion of actual pricing.

Or if you need 24×7 RDP service for forex, currency or stock trading, choose monthly billing cycle. It will be little bit cheaper overall.

8.Now hit create server button.

It will take few minutes to install.

How To Connect Windows RDP

1.After getting installed, download Microsoft Remote Desktop install and open it. Click +add button and choose PCs.Remote Desktop-1

Here you will need server IP, username and password. open button windows rdp open buttonand copy Public Internet IP of your Windows RDP Server.Windows Server IP Paste it in Remote Desktop.

3.Go to connect, copy username, Connect Usernamehit user account + in RD, fill username and password.Remote Desktop-2

4.Save it all.

5.Now hit saved Pcs. hit saved pcsIt will connect to your Windows RDP.Remote Desktop Display

Deploy Linux RDP on Kamatera

1.Head to My Cloud > Create New Desktop and choose a nearest data center.

2.Choose Ubuntu OS choose linux desktopand choose 20.06 Xubuntu VirtualBox from 8 options. choose linux versionsIt has more features and run comfortably on low resources.

3.Choose server specslinux server specs

  • Server Type – A
  • CPU – 1 Core
  • RAM – 2GB
  • SSD – 10GB

4.Set password and name your server.linux finalize settings

5.Choose monthly or hourly billing as per need linux billing cycleand hit create server.

How To Connect Linux RDP

1.After installation, go to connect and hit open remote remote console linux

2.Linux RDP will open, enter username – root and password to login to your RDP.enter password linux rdp to login

You can connect with Remote Desktop software. linux rdp interfaceProcess is as same as connecting Windows RDP.


How To Install Windows RDP Server on Kamatera?
Login to Kamatera console, choose data centers, server spacs, Windows OS, set password and hit create server. Windows RDP server will install.

Can I use Windows RDP for forex trading?
Yes, you can use it. You need only to install any forex software like MT5 and connect to your favorite forex broker.

Will Kamatera charge for Linux RDP?
For first 30 days, they won’t charge anything. After end of trial period, plan price will be applicable.

Can I extend server resource later?
Yea, Kamatera offer diagonal scaling. With few clicks, you can add extra amount of resources to your current server.

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