Best 4 Forex VPS Free Trial [$100 + 30 Days} [2024}

Running a forex VPS involves a fund. So testing them freely is a great idea to filter out the best ones. The free trial offer for Forex VPS solves the problem effectively.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best forex VPS trial offers that cover all the major trade markets, like Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Zurich.

You should be aware that some VPS providers charge pennies, but others take nothing. Let’s dive into the listicles and find the most suitable one.

Best 4 Free Forex VPS Trialsfree forex vps trial

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Best Overall
  • Free 30-Day Trial With $100
  • Enterprise-Grade VPS Resources
  • Linux & Windows RDP 
  • Instant Setup 
  • Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management 
  • 24/7 Technical Support (Ticket, Call & Live Chat)  
Best Performance
  • 7-Day Trial For $0.99
  • Equinix Data Centers 
  • Pre-setup Trading Account 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Optimized for MT4, MT5 and Ninja Trader 
  • 24/7 Support (Chat and Email) 
Best Ease of Use
  • 7-Day Trial For $3.99
  • High-Speed CPU-Powered Servers 
  • NVMe Storage 
  • Unlimited Transfer 
  • 24/7 Support (Chat, Email and Call)

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Kamatera Forex VPS TrialKamatera is a beast on the list, with 18 global data centers and 40 GBPS port speeds that can ensure zero latency to complete any currency transaction for a higher profit in no time.

Server infrastructure is enterprise-grade, as clearly reflacted in a recent independent test. The server ran constantly and remarkably achieved 100% uptime.

The best part is that the cloud platform offers Linux and Windows OSes. You can run MT4/5 or any other forex software on the most familiar OS.

You can grab the free VPS for 30 days. It just requires a valid credit card and $1–2 charges for identity verification. It refunds the charges instantly once the signing process is done.

  • Enterprise-Grade VPS Resources
  • Instant Setup
  • N+1 Redundant Server
  • 18 Global Data Centers
  • Linux & Windows VPS
  • Daily Backup
  • Managed Service
  • Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management
  • 24/7 Technical Support (Ticket, Call & Live Chat)
  • ‘Use First, Pay Later’ Payment Method
  • No Paypal

2. FXVM (Forex Robot)

FXVM Free Trial
FXVM offers a pre-installed MT4 account trial for 7 days for $0.99. The host covers eight major financial hubs with a promise of 100% uptime and automatic backups.

However, they give MT4, MT5, Forex Robot, and Ninja Trader as options. So you can try them with your favorite software.

Equinix, Global Switch, Level 3, and Internap are the companies that power their servers. These are the big players among data center providers globally.

  • Equinix Data Centers
  • Pre-setup Trading Account
  • Optimized for MT4, MT5 and Ninja Trader
  • Windows 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Monthly Payment Model
  • 24/7 Support (Chat and Email)
  • No Linux
  • Only 7-Day Trial
  • Not Affordable


TradingFXVPS Free Trial
It is a small forex VPS provider but has great reviews on Trustpilot. It’s all because their Equinix servers use NVMe and a 3.5 GHz Intel i9. You can boost your performance by using a GPU.

Literally, their servers are adaptable for TradeStation, jForex, cTrader, NinjaTrader, and MetaTrader 4 and 5 and secured with multi-layered security.

You can hang out with the host for 7 days for $3.99.

  • High-speed CPU
  • GPU
  • NVMe Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • 24/7 Support (Chat, Email and Call)
  • No Linux OS
  • Costly Plans


FXSVPS Free Trial
The platform offers a somewhat costly 7-day trial for $3.5, but its actual plans are so pocket-friendly. All the VPS come with high-technology clusters like KVM, XXEN, and VMware.

So they offer 99.99% reliable uptime with lower latency. They also provide pre-installed MT4, DDoS protection, and 1 GBPS port speed.

  • High Technology Cluster
  • Cheap Pricing
  • 1GBPS Port Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • 24/7 Support (Skype, Chat, Call and Ticket)
  • Only 3 Data Centers


We have listed the best available options above. You can choose it as per your preferences.

All are reliable and highly performant, but with some variations. You can try these and find out which one is best for you.

I recommend you try Kamatera because

The most seasoned web hosting brand
Owing Hardware and Software Rich Infrastructure
Authorized Microsoft Partner
Powerful Intel Xeon Gold Processors
Unlimited Bandwidth with an abundance of resources
A Designated Account Manager
Whole Day & Night Human Support
Free 30-Day Trial, longer than others

Now testing time; Good Luck.

Forex VPS Duration CC Required Link
Kamatera 30 Days Yes
FXVM 7 Days No
TradingFXVPS 7 Days No
FXVPS 7 Days No


How can I get a free forex VPS trial without using a credit card?
Free trials are available from several forex VPS providers, including FXVM and TradingFXVPS.

What is the cost of running a forex VPS?
You can start a forex VPS for $4 per month with Kamatera.

Can I get a forex VPS for free?
You can use a free forex VPS for a limited time. You should go with Kamatera.

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