5 Free Gaming VPS Server [Free $400 + No Credit Card} 2024

Are you looking for a gaming VPS for developing games or playing games? We have carried out the best five gaming VPS along with dedicated gaming servers that cover the whole world, including Singapore, with sparking latency and Sophiscated infrastructure.

You can use them for free for a period of time. These five offer free trials worth $400. Many of them don’t require a credit card. Now, let’s dive in.

Free Gaming VPSGaming VPS

1.Vultrvultr gaming vps

Vultr is a complete package with NVIDIA GPUs and popular one-click apps for gaming, such as:

  • Steam
  • Minecraft Vanilla
  • Minecraft Paperspigot
  • Minecraft Forge
  • Minecraft Bedrock
  • AIDungeon2

You can build your gaming server with a dedicated 3GHz+ CPU to unlock optimum performance. For the big gaming project, they have bare metal with a physical CPU and GPU.

You can manage a vast group of online players on your robust server smoothly. With 32 data centers, including Singapore DC, you can deploy your app close to your audience so that the server can ensure the lowest latency for enhancing the gaming experience.

However, the platform has deployed one of the fastest connectivity networks, whose speed goes from 10 to 100 GBPS as per plan.

Free cloud firewalls and DDoS protection protect their servers, while SSH ensures secure server access, and auto-backup brings peace of mind from any mishap.

If you’re a developer and have developed scripts on another public cloud, they have a cloud-init. You can deploy the scripts without changes and do a lot of server customizations as per your choice.

Now, you can try it with a 14-day trial and $100 credit.

Pro Con
Full Gaming Package No Live Chat Support
Robust Server Resources
NVMe Storage
Fastest Port Speed
32 Global Data Centers
100% Uptime SLA
Windows RDP
24/7 Technical Support on Ticket

2.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

What could be better? If you get an enterprise-grade VPS for gaming, it comes with a 30-day trial.

The gift list doesn’t end here; Kamatera brings their VPS service with ironclad security (firewall + disaster recovery management + N+1 redundancy), 1-click gaming VPS apps, and flexible 24/7 live chat support.

We have tested their Intel Xeon chip-powered entry-level VPS. The findings were mind-blowing.
Server latency was only 22 ms, and uptime was 100% throughout stress testing for 30 days.

They offer a 1-click Minecraft server app for beginner game lovers. They also have numerous Windows and Linux OSes for cloud desktop gaming with ultra-saving options.

That means if you want to take a little gaming break, then switch off your online game server and only pay for the used resources.

Pro Con
Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure No Singapore DC
Powerful Intel Xeon Processors No GPU
18 Global Data Centers
Double-layered VPS security
Clean Dashboard
Daily Backup
Diagonal Scaling
N+1 Redundancy
24/7 Live Chat, Email, and Call Support
“Use First, Pay Later” Payment Mode

3.IONOSIONOS gaming vps

Being a popular European cloud platform, IONOS offers a wide range of products for gaming, like virtual, cloud, and dedicated servers, from their ISO 27001-certified data centers.

They offer unlimited transfers. That’s great if you want to run your gaming server and live stream 24/7.
For the best compatibility, the platform provides both Linux and Windows with a firewall, storage redundancy, and VPN.

You can access your local computer and your server securely via VPN. With the TeamSpeak 3 server, you can chat with your fellow players.

Over the top, they love total flexibility so that the customer can choose resources as per need and customize his gaming server for the best outcome.

You can test the platform for 30 days for a mere $2.

Pro Con
ISO-certified data centers Only 7 Data Centers
Unlimited Transfer No GPU
Free Firewall
100% Uptime Guarantee
Pay as you use Billings
24/7 Steadfast Live Chat, Email, and Call Support

4.ClubVPSclub vps free trial

It is similar to Kamatera but with extended resources, like higher port speeds. Since then, the cloud platform has been built for high-end usage.

Therefore, you can find more powerful server equipment, such as heavy-duty Intel Xeon Platinum chips (2.6 GHz to 106.667 GHz) and 40 GBPS of networking speed.

These are all reflected in pricing, which is higher than Kamatera. The cloud platform servers work as a cluster to keep data flowing even if one of the servers fails.

It is suitable for developers, not beginners; if you are looking to buy low-end plans, it may not be a good fit.
However, they offer a one-click Minecraft app with a 30-day free trial. You can test it with a free $100 credit, and if you suffer somewhere, you can contact their 24/7 live chat, call, and ticket support.

Pro Con
High-End Server Resource No Beginner Friendly
Super Fast Network Speed No GPU
18 Global Data Centers
Robust Redundancy
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
Windows and Linux RDP
‘Use First, Pay Latest’ Modest Mode

5.Digital Oceandigital ocean gaming vps

With a 30-day trial, Digital Ocean will be ideal if you are a beginner and want to deploy a Minecraft server. For other games, they don’t have Linux or Windows RDP solutions.

But their servers are built with robust Intel and NVMe SSDs. Therefore, they achieved a 200-ms ping rate in a test. You can increase it more by opting for 3.2 GHz AMD processors.

14 data centers enable lower latency globally. In high demand, they got a Singapore gaming server, too.
To grab their free trial, you need a credit card or PayPal account with at least a $5 payment.

Pro Con
Beginner-Friendly Dashboard No Windows & Linux RDP
14 Global Data Centers Pretemplated Ticket based Support
1-Click Minecraft App No daily backups
NVMe SSD and 3.2 GHz chips No GPU
Faster DNS Service


We brought up the best offers from the leading cloud platforms. You can test it and decide with which you should go longer.

But if you want to save time or if you want to ask for prime recommendations, undeniably, Vultr is my first choice. They bring everything that is needed to unlock a super-duper gaming experience.

Their robust servers have been widely popular for high-frequency CPUs among pro gamers. You can test all my words with their 14-day trial.


What is a gaming VPS?
A gaming VPS (virtual private server) is a virtualized server that enables gamers to host and play their favorite online games, providing them with dedicated resources and enhanced control over their gaming environment.

How can I get a free gaming VPS?
Several hosting providers offer trial versions or limited-time free trials of their gaming VPS services. You can also look for special promotions, discounts, or giveaways from hosting companies or gaming communities to acquire a free gaming VPS.

What are the system requirements for hosting a gaming VPS?
The system requirements for a gaming VPS typically include:
A stable internet connection.
A compatible operating system (such as Windows or Linux).
4 GB of RAM.
10 GB of storage space.
2 GHz powerful CPU to ensure smooth gameplay and minimal latency.

Can I upgrade my free gaming VPS to a paid plan later?
Yes, many hosting providers offer the option to upgrade your free gaming VPS to a paid plan with expanded features, increased resources, and additional support. Check the specific terms and conditions provided by your hosting service for more details.

Are there any limitations on the usage of a free gaming VPS?
Free gaming VPS plans often have limitations, such as restricted server resources, limited game server slots, and reduced customer support compared to paid plans. Review the terms of service to understand the limitations associated with your free gaming VPS.

How secure is a free gaming VPS?
Although hosting providers implement security measures, the security of a free gaming VPS might not be as robust as that of a paid plan. It’s essential to take necessary precautions, such as using strong passwords, implementing security protocols, and keeping your software up-to-date to ensure the safety of your gaming environment.

Can I install any game on a free gaming VPS?
While you can install many games on a free gaming VPS, the available resources might limit the types and number of games you can host. Ensure that the gaming VPS plan you choose supports the specific game(s) you intend to host.

What kind of customer support can I expect with a free gaming VPS?
Free gaming VPS plans typically come with limited customer support compared to paid plans. However, some hosting providers offer online documentation, community forums, and essential technical support to assist you with common issues and queries.

Are there any hidden costs associated with a free gaming VPS?
Read the terms of service carefully to understand any potential hidden costs associated with a free gaming VPS, such as additional charges for exceeding resource limits, data transfer fees, or upgrades to premium features.

What should I consider before choosing a free gaming VPS?
Before selecting a free gaming VPS, consider factors such as server performance, uptime, available resources, scalability options, security measures, and the provider’s reputation within the gaming community. Conduct thorough research to find a hosting provider that meets your gaming needs and requirements.

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