Is Kamatera Safe? Find out the 5 Dazzling Reasons 2024

Is Kamatera Safe?

Yes, Kamatera protects the front line of your server with a robust cloud firewall, fight against trojan, brute force, and XSS attack with DDoS protection, recover data with disaster recovery management, separate your resources from neighbor websites with container-based technology and don’t let down your server with cloud load balancer while traffic is soaring.

So it is an eminent stable, reliable, safer and top-notch performance.

Is Kamatera Safeis kamatera safe

How is Kamatera Safe

1.Cloud Firewall

Kamareta firewall is cloud-based, which makes it easier to get updated with the latest signature of malware and viruses.

So the firewall with high effectiveness protects cloud servers against online threats.

The firewall intercepts unauthorized access to your network and reroutes or blocks the access.

It analyzes the data packets and reports to you after filtering the data based on their source, destination and content.

So It will save you from-

Unauthorized and suspicious sources
a hacker who gets into your computer through open ports
malicious attacks such as DoS, code injection, viruses and other malware
unnoticed installation of rootkits
spyware and data leakage to malicious locations

Kamatera’s network experts take all the care like setup definitions, monitoring activity and adjusting settings as necessary to keep your defenses high.

On a severe attack, you can use the firewall as a hardware VPN server that can only permit genuine requests to access the servers and eliminate spammers and hackers.

2.DDoS Protection

Kamatera DDoS protection comes under a cloud firewall set up and monitored by Kamatera’s professional administrative team.

The protection strengthens the defense against popular brute force, spyware, trojans and SQL injection. Yes, these quarce are prevalent nowadays.

The security player runs on three layers-

Application layer
Transport layer (TCP and UDP ports)
IP or network layer

In attacking circumstances, the player blocks the ports, surplus services and access of false IP addresses for outbound traffic.

In firewall logs, you can detect all the steps DDoS protection takes.

3.Disaster Recovery Management

That is one of the fantastic features that works similarly to a load balancer but saves your data’s latest version.

So it is a complete rescue solution.

The management keeps an eye on your server’s health and can predict when the server will fail in the overload or massive attack cases.

Meanwhile, it starts to save your data on another hard disk.

When the server gets down, it electronically diverts the traffic to the prepared backup system.

That keeps your server functionality and user experience the same as before.

So It can exactly do-

Preventing data loss from Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, or any other database.
Replicating your data over an IP network, allowing it to be quickly restored whenever required.
Guaranteeing business continuity and high availability by quickly restoring access to data in the event of system failure.
Giving your users a continuous working environment
No installation or maintenance is required.

4. Container-Based Technology

Cloud servers are built on the same hardware, but their resources are allocated separately.

It means you can utilize the full amount of your resources without getting the impact of other websites.

It’s called container-based technology.

It helps you get maximum performance and keeps your web property untouched from hacked neighbor websites.

5.Cloud Load Balancer

Kamatera has a load balancer. With the help of a load balancer, you can deploy multiple servers and connect them to divide and serve the loads.

If a server goes down, the next available server will take a burden of traffic.

Every middle & top-level e-commerce website takle occasional overload by using the way and streaming websites deliver heavy files effortlessly with multiple servers.

Literally, the load balancer helps to not down your website while whopping traffic flows.

Your website performance will remain the same as it was before.

So it is recommended for e-commerce, high volume file delivery, high or turbulent traffic and high profile websites.


Kamatera has been in the hosting market since 1996. They have learned a lot of things during the amazing journey of 26 years and implemented in their fleet.

Disaster recovery management is the major one you can rarely see in other cloud platforms.

That is a great rescuer.

You can feel calm with their utmost secure system with agile cloud firewall and DDoS protection and top up stunning and reliable performance with cloud load balancer and container-based technology.


How Kamatera Protect Our Websites?
Kamatera protect our websites with cloud firewall, DDoS protection, container-based technology and cloud load balancer.

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