27 Ways To Fix GoDaddy Slow WordPress Site [Load in 1s 2022]

how to fix slow godaddy website1

{Disclaimer: The post may contain affiliate links that don’t cost you extra.} Why is my GoDaddy Site So Slow? The reasons for this may be many- Slow Server Response Time Old PHP version Outdated Server Software Insufficient Server Hardware Remote Server Location from mainland Slow DNS Server Heavy Images Heavy jQuery Plugins Heavy Theme But … Read more

30 Ways To Fix HostGator Slow WordPress Site-Load in 1s 2022

how to fix slow Hostgator site

Experiencing stark or intermittent slowness on Websites hosted at Hostgator? It may be caused due to- Scarcity of server resource Resource Throttling Bulky Coded Plugins Heavy JS Loads Uncompressed Images Invalid SSL Slow Server Response Now before initializing speed optimization, let me inform you that Hostgator is infamously slow as a farmer bullock cart. Check … Read more