HostGator Website Slow: Boost Speed by 400% like a Boss

how to fix slow Hostgator site

Are you experiencing significant or occasional slowness on your Hostgator WordPress site? Cloudflare Enterprise, which has a TTFB of 100 ms averagely, is the quickest solution to speed up your site. You should know that EIG brands have a long history of slow server response, and TTFB is accountable for your 40% LCP score. Cloudflare’s …

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10 Web Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card (30 Days) 2023

Best 11 Web Hosting Trails For 30 Days

Hosting is the foundation of any website, and it is quite expensive. As a result, we must exercise extreme caution when selecting web hosting. However, it is not as simple as it appears. Because there are thousands of web hosting companies out there trying to meet the needs of their customers. These businesses have numerous …

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[FIXED] GoDaddy 503 Service Unavailable Error WordPress

Fix GoDaddy 503 Error

Are you encountering a 503 error on your GoDaddy? It is caused by passing your limit (maybe bandwidth limit, CPU limit etc.) Or maybe because you added a script that overloaded your server. In simple words, Your server is overloaded and returns 503 to inform you about it. Recently you might have gotten a ton …

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[Solved] GoDaddy Error Establishing a Database Connection


Are you facing…? Error establishing a database connection You might get curves on your head if you’re a beginner. But, there’s no need to panic. It’s one of the common problems of WordPress Website which routinely erupts on Godaddy and can be fixed in under 10 minutes. The problem defines itself that no connection can …

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