[FIXED] GoDaddy 502 Bad Gateway WordPress [2023]

Got havoc 502 Bad Gateway Error?502-bad-gateway-error

That implies that some process is halted in your server backend.

It can be due to a lack of resources, poorly coded plugin conflicts, unreliable software updates, and malware infections.

Typically a shared hosting company allows only a certain number of processes to run on the server backend as it crosses the limit.

Kill scripts start to kill the processes and websites start encountering the error.

GoDaddy is one of them, which is infamous for throttling the resources. That’s why enormous users get 500 series errors and they have shared their bad experiences in long articles.godaddy sucks - Google Search

Sometimes misconfiguration of CDN or incorrect DNS records leave the site in question. Let’s plunge into solutions.

How To Fix GoDaddy 502 Bad Gateway

1.Reload Page

Transient network error or server overloading can invoke the error. Try to reload your page. You can try it in the incognito tab, and it will be better.incognito chrome tab

If it still doesn’t open. Enter your URL at isitdownrightnow.com and check if it is just down for you or the World.

If it is for the entire World. Then it’s a hosting level issue.

2.Clear Browser Cache

Corrupted cache files can be a problem. Press CTRL+H in Chrome to open the history page and clean all cache.clear browser cache

Now open your web page. The page should open. However, you can use other browsers.

3.Fix Server Outage

Check your mail if Godaddy servers are under maintenance. Then encountering a server outage is ephemeral.

But Godaddy does not have any plans like this. Then it could be due to power failure or any server device failure.

You should contact the support team.

4.Unload Overloaded Server

Under DDoS attacks, the server goes overloaded. Use Cloudflare and secure it. It is a temporary issue, if it occasionally occur.

But regularly facing server overloading is a big problem and a clear indication of high usage of CPU, RAM or bandwidth capability.high cpu usage

There can be numerous reasons, you can find them in the detailed guide.

5.Correct DNS Record

Recently did you change server or web hosting company? There might be a high probability of an incorrect DNS record.

That’s why a browser couldn’t find the correct IP address of the new server to fetch data and ended up in question.

Do recheck your DNS record. If it is possible, fasten DNS propagation.

Don’t forget to clear up the old DNS cache from your computer as it blocks to get new DNS record to Cache.

For Window PC
(1)Open Command Promptflush dns windows

(2)Run code and hit enter

For Mac
(1)Run terminal.apphow-dns-works-flush-macos

(2)Type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder and hit returnhow-dns-works-flush-macos2

(3)Enter the Admin password and hit return

6.Check Your Firewall

If you have deployed any security plugin that enables WAF. Please disable it.

Sometimes firewalls block essential server ports or processes due to misconfiguration or buggy updates.

7.Check Your CDN

CDN boost data transfer and server response time between the browser and the origin server.

But a misconfiguration can lead to a severe situation. So Switch off your CDN.

If the website is working fine, contact the CDN support team.

8.Restart PHP

If some PHP processes stop working, you need to restart PHP. Unfortunately, there is no restart php button in GoDaddy cPanel. But there is a trick to do it quickly.

(1)Login to GoDaddy cPanel

(2)Under the Software section, Select PHP Versionchange PHP version in Godaddy

(3)Change Your PHP Version.change PHP version in Godaddy2

It will restart PHP and change the PHP version. You can rollback it in some minutes.

9.Set PHP Timeout Longer

If a PHP process runs for longer than the max_execution_time or max_input_time, PHP timeouts will occur.

Generally, the timeouts occur while you’re uploading heavy files to a WordPress site.

The Web host sets the values and it varies as per web host and plan. In shared hosting, it’s too tiny. So contact the support team and upgrade your plan.

10.Check Chrome Extensions

Sometimes, some browser extensions, primarily ad blockers, stop the website from rendering.

It calls an error. In rare cases, old browsers can reiterate the issue.

So disable your extension, upgrade your browser and reload again.

11.Check Error Log

Go to the file manager of your website through cPanel.  Check error logs.debug-log

If it is not available, paste the following code to the WP-config.php file.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );

Now access the logs file in /wp-content directory. You can know the precise reason for the occurrence.

12.Check if Plugin Conflicts

Plugin conflict is common due to rogue code or buggy updates. It can hamper server processes.

You should find the culprit one.

(1)Connect server through FTP connection

(2)Go to public_html > WP-contentPlugins Folder

(3)Now rename plugins folder to plugins.oldrenaming plugin folder

It will disable all plugins. If the website is working fine, activate the plugins one by one and reload the website at every activation.

Before jumping into it, don’t forget to roll back the plugin folder’s name.

13.Check Theme Compatibility

Like plugins, a theme can also get buggy updates that can crash server processes. You can fix it with the detailed guide.

14.Clean Your Database from Trashes

Install WP-Optimize plugin, clear up your database tables, and don’t forget to remove data from deleted plugins. WP optimize uninstalled plugin tableA lot of trash slows down the server, and in rare cases, it can choke the server.

15.Control Heartbeat and Disable Useless Features of WordPress

Install Perfmatters and disable various useless features of WordPress to lite up. perfmatters useless feature of wordpressYou can see the pic. I am sure you might not use them. But these add extra load.perfmatters useless feature of wordpress

Set control heartbeat per 60 seconds only for editing or publishing posts.Heartbeat Perfmatters

16.Choose Cloud Hosting

The issue is prevalent on GoDaddy as many users report it regularly. Just search ‘502 error’ or ‘bad gateway’ on Twitter.

The reasons are clear-cut.

(1)Kill Script

(2)Low Resources

(3)Outdated Software

(4)Sluggish Infrastructure.

They implement a ‘kill script’ to kill any query, script or process that will take a long time to execute.

They do this because of tiny resources and don’t want to impact other users on the same server.

So they halt your website process.

In that case, the best step is to move to Cloudways, a managed cloud host that offers World’s best cloud infrastructures to host your site with a click.

Digital Ocean

With their intuitive dashboard, you can manage your website as you do at cPanel.Cloudways Dashboard

The server is made of a fantastic mixture of NGINX, Apache, Object Cache Pro and Varnish. That boost speed of WordPress site like Elon Musk’s rocket.cloudways server stack

Check mine,

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proudly hosting since 2019 and cleared all speed requirements of Google like Core Web Vitals easily.

As a result, the page is ranking at the top in SERP.

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Why Choose Cloudways

65+ Cloud Server
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Still hesitating, test a free drive as they come up with a free 3-day trial offer without a credit card.


How do I fix error 502 on GoDaddy?
Upgrade your plan, restart PHP, Fix Server outage, and Correct DNS records.

Why do I keep getting bad gateway 502?
Some php processes are halted. So you see 502 error.

Does 502 Bad gateway mean virus?
No, but if your server is infected with malicious codes, you may get the error.
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