How to Unlock DigitalOcean Locked Account [Quick Guide 2024}

Did your Digital Ocean get locked? Don’t worry. You are at the right post. In the post, you will learn what the possible reasons are behind it and how to fix it quickly.

By the way, in recent times, getting accounts locked has increased immensely, and the issue has been around for a long time.

I and my clients also faced it. Sometimes, after filling out the information and making a payment of $5, we think that we have completed the sign-up process. But in a few seconds, the account-locked page appears abruptly. It just confuses us about what has gone wrong.

So for a smoother experience, I chose Kamatera. Affordable pricing, live chat support, a free $100 credit for 30 days, 100+ one-click apps, enterprise-grade infrastructure with a super-fast processor, and diagonal scaling make it a strong contender.

In an independent test, the Kamatera server took only 22 ms to respond (TTFB) and achieved 100% uptime throughout 30 days.

Now let’s get started

Why has DigitalOcean Locked Your Account?Unlock Digital Ocean Account Locked

Before unlocking your account, it is great to know the possible reasons. It will increase the possibility of getting an account unlocked smoothly. You can take a better approach to the DO support team.

1.Red flag IP

If the IP that your internet connection is using is flagged as spam, the host can lock your account. This may happen due to bad practice when using the IP. A WiFi connection is highly vulnerable.

2.Out of Service Location

If your location is subject to the trade and economic sanctions maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), you may face the issue.

Currently, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine are sanctioned and not allowed to take any action on DigitalOcean.

And prohibited entities or parties won’t be permitted to sell, export, transfer, divert, or dispose of any service received from Digital Ocean.

3.Crypto Mining

Directly, the host doesn’t discard the service for crypto mining. If the process of crypto mining starts consuming huge resources and impacting other users on a shared CPU plan, the giant will lock the account right away to protect their other customers. It’s called CPU mining. You should go for a dedicated CPU plan.

4.Spin up the Maximum Amount of Droplets

If your account is new and you have already launched the maximum allowed number of droplets and hogged the maximum resource, it is a red sign.

5.DDoS attack

I always wish that DigitalOcean had DDoS protection. My many clients face countless DDoS attacks to get their web properties down. The massive attack burns up huge resources in the blink of an eye. It leads to ending up with accounts.

 6.Data Breach

If your hosted app’s integrity is compromised and you don’t take any action for a long while. The host can see an account containing viruses or malware as a threat to their other customers, and they find it great to close your account.

7.Miss-Appropriate & Infringed Content

Hosting Misappropriate or infringing content can be bothered on all hosting, except offshore hosting. DigitalOcean can close your account after getting regular DMCA complaints against you.

8.Improper Account Information

Each host expects their customers to fill out correct and full information in their accounts, which shows proper transparency and true intention. If your account contains the wrong information, it may be the reason for your locked account.

How To Unlock Digital Ocean Account

I assume that now you know why your account was locked. If the responsible reasons, like infringed content or malware infection, can be fixed without accessing the DigitalOcean dashboard, you should fix it.

Now send an email to and tell them the story of fixing the issue. If the issue can be resolved only under the dashboard, then explain to them your problem and solution process.

If they are satisfied with your request, they will unlock your account.

Good luck.

DigitalOcean Alternative

After attempting several times, if you don’t succeed, you need a solid alternative. Kamatera is that one.

They have done a tremendous job in recent years. They have heavily invested in improving their cloud server performance, security, and reliability. We noticed the result-oriented changes in our independent test as their server was able to achieve god-level uptime and TTFB.

Diagonal scaling is their core identity, and 100+ one click apps assist beginners in launching their first web property on the cloud. These two features eliminate the need for developers and allow you to choose exactly what resource you need.

You will find a cloud firewall, DDoS protection, and disaster recovery management protecting you from the front.

Moreover, if you get stuck somewhere, their support on calls, email, and live chat is ready to help you.


Resolving the issue is a long process because DigitalOcean support seems stagnant. So be prepared to have a lot of patience. I will wish you well again. However, we have covered all the reasons to solve the issue effectively. If you have encountered a completely different scenario, please share it with us. We would love to mention it in the post.


Why is my DigitalOcean account locked?
The main causes include red-flagged IP addresses, out-of-service locations, and crypto mining.

How to unlock DigitalOcean account?
First, determine the cause, correct it, and submit a support ticket asking for account unlock and an explanation of the fixed issue.

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