These 10 Countries Ignore DMCA [100% Privacy Havens 2024}

On October 28, 1998, US President Bill Clinton signed the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which implements two World Intellectual Property Organization treaties (WIPO) from 1996.

It criminalizes the creation and distribution of technology, devices, or services designed to circumvent measures that restrict access to copyrighted works.

In the coming years, around 200 countries signed the WIPO treaty and implemented DMCA.

Don’t worry; some major countries have been spared. You can host DMCA-violated content in these DMCA-ignored countries. I’ve compiled a list and also check best 7 DMCA ignored VPS hosting

Can We Safely Host Copyrighted Materials in an Offshore Location?

In a nutshell, yes. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Each offshore country has its own copyright law, which you should be familiar with.
  • Almost all well-known domain zones (e.g.,.com,.org,.net,.info) are owned by companies registered in the United States and must therefore comply with this Act. As a result, if a foreign Internet resource is registered in such a domain zone, it falls under the purview of the DMCA and is required to follow its rules.
  • It should also be noted that search engines with the same domain name but registered in different domain zones, such as and, have different attitudes toward the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act: the first obeys the DMCA, while the second operates within the Russian regulatory framework.
  • Some hosts may comply with the DMCA in an offshore location and remove your infringed content. Before hiring them, review their terms of service and speak with their sales team.
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Russia is a safe haven for anti-DMCA content. They have a long history of great rivalry with the United States, as you are aware.

They will never tolerate US law within their borders. In order to host copyrighted material on your site, you can expect a safer location to avoid DMCA notices.

Hence, hackers enjoy deploying their applications in the world’s largest country.

However, you should exercise caution with your inconvenient political websites. It can vanish in an instant.

All published content is actively monitored by their Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media.Roskomnadzor Russia Copyright Law

They have the authority to restrict your web property if they discover radical political views and piracy of Russian intellectual property.

2.The Kingdom of the Netherlands

You can understand how seriously the Dutch government takes their citizens’ privacy and freedom of expression by knowing that they were the first nation to adopt the CDSM (Copyright in the Digital Single Market) and even don’t allow any intrusion from the US National Security Agency inside the border line.dutch copyright law

They support political websites and disregard the DMCA. However, you must not infringe on any Dutch-owned content. Otherwise, the Dutch Copyright Law (Auteursrecht) will apply.


Bulgaria had previously been a part of the Soviet Union. So, as in Russia, ignoring the DMCA is in their blood.

You can host DMCA-violated content. They openly oppose the DMCA.

The Balkan nation, like Russia, does not tolerate unconventional political content, and the country ranks near the bottom of the EU’s global corruption rankings. It could be harmful to you.

Any local host can notify the government about your infringement in the hopes of receiving a bribe.
So those are the two risks to be aware of while deploying in the country.


Singapore is the web hosting capital of the world. The main reason is the Singaporean government’s welcoming attitude toward business.

They are well-known for developing friendly rules to help businesses grow efficiently. It is the world’s second most popular country in terms of ease of doing business.

So, the island country is quite tolerant of DMCA notices. The number of offshore hosts on the island has increased dramatically.

If you decide to cultivate your infringing content in Singapore, becoming acquainted with the Singaporean Copyright Act 2021 can be beneficial.Singapore copyright law


Malaysia is an unbeatable option for those seeking anonymity. Because the island accepts cryptocurrency payments without requiring any information, and violates the DMCA.

It creates multiple layers of defense between you and DMCA lawyers.

Furthermore, the island has its own local copyright law that is quite lax. Unless you follow the local rules, your content will be immune to legal action. Your privacy and anonymity will remain unaffected.Malasian Copyright Law

6.The city of Hong Kong

On July 1, 1997, the UK handed over Hong Kong to China. So it has technically been a part of China.
However, the country retains jurisdictional independence, which does not necessitate a government-issued identification number. You’ll need it if you decide to host anything on the Chinese mainland.

Hong Kong’s markets are flooded with illegal knockoffs of well-known brands. It demonstrates how tolerant they are of originality, creativity, and copyright.

They are DMCA-compliant and will even accept your political content.


Despite its higher cost of living, Luxembourg shines as a modern democracy committed to ensuring freedom of expression.Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

They do not obligate citizens to obey any foreign law other than local copyright law.

Further to that, the rising cost of living raises the cost of DMCA lawyer follow-up. So you have a slim chance of being charged.


Iceland, which is located in the deep Atlantic Ocean, has strict privacy protection laws as well as press freedom. They also support net neutrality.

Furthermore, the Nordic island nation has one of the best optic fiber infrastructures for home and business internet.

Therefore, offshore dedicated server providers prefer the country for unbound operations, and ignoring DMCA.

It will be helpful to understand Iceland’s Protecting Intellectual Property Act; by the way, it is quite lenient for illegal downloading, distribution of films and TV shows, and purchasing counterfeit consumer goods.Iceland - Protecting Intellectual Property


Switzerland, located in the heart of Europe, has one of the most stringent data and privacy protection laws (FADP) in the world.New Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) - Swiss

That is why popular leaders and businessmen from all over the world prefer to keep their funds in Swiss banks. So  it is the global banking capital.

You can definitely go with a Swiss server if you want complete privacy. Because the mountainous country in central Europe restricts any monitoring of internet activity.


Many popular offshore hosts accept Romania. As the country in southeastern Europe adopted Article 30 of the Constitution in 1991 and amended it in 2003, which is dedicated to free expression.

Romanian privacy provisions are aligned with applicable EU law, which is well known for ensuring strict privacy.

Therefore, hosting DMCA-violated content can be a simple game here. Aside from that, Romanian copyright and neighboring rights protect copyright holders’ properties throughout the country. Romanian Copyright LawSo, you must adhere to it.


What is DMCA?
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a copyright law in the United States that criminalizes the creation and distribution of technology, devices, or services that circumvent measures designed to control access to copyrighted works.

Why do some countries disregard the DMCA?
Because some countries’ cultural values or priorities differ from those of the United States, they may prioritize other aspects of intellectual property law over copyright. Furthermore, some countries may lack the resources or infrastructure to effectively enforce the DMCA.

Which countries disregard the DMCA?
Since copyright laws differ from country to country, it is difficult to say which countries completely disregard the DMCA. Russia, China, Romania, and Hong Kong, on the other hand, are known for having more lax copyright laws.

Can I freely download copyrighted content in countries where the DMCA is ignored?
No, even if a country does not enforce the DMCA, it is still illegal to download or distribute copyrighted content without the copyright holder’s permission. Even if the laws in that country are less stringent, you could still face legal consequences.

What are the potential repercussions of copyright infringement in countries that disregard the DMCA?
The consequences of copyright infringement differ depending on the country and the severity of the infringement. You may receive a warning or a fine in some cases, while you may face criminal charges and imprisonment in others. Before using or distributing copyrighted content, it is always best to follow copyright laws and obtain permission.

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