6 Cheap DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting Servers [Free DMCA 2024}

Are you afraid of DMCA Notice or getting furious with DMCA takedowns? Opt for an offshore VPS and vanquish all the DMCA threats.

That’s why we have brought up the best 6 VPS hosting that ignores DMCA notices and keeps you stress-free with top-notch performance and unmatchable uptime..

Let’s plunge into the post.

Cheap VPS DMCA Ignored
dmca vps

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Best Overall
  • $8 Offshore VPS Plan 
  • 8 Offshore Data Centers 
  • 9001:2008 ISO Certified 
  • Bitcoin Accepted 
  • 1GBPS Network Speed 
  • DDoS & Anti-Hacking Protection 
  • Free Zero Downtime Migration 
  • 24/7 Engineer Support 
Beginner Friendly
  • Onion TLD for all plans 
  • 6 Offshore Data Centers 
  • 1-Click VPS & WordPress App 
  • 99.99 Uptime Guarantee 
  • 7-Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • One Email to Start 
  • 24/7 Quick Support 
Best Performance
  • HP Branded Hardware
  • Powerful 2TBPS DDoS Protection
  • Free Migrations
  • Free Control Panel with 1-Click Apps
  • 99.99% SLA Uptime
  • 30-Day MBG
  • 24/7 Friendly Support

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1. Shinjiru.comshinjiru VPS

Started in 2000, Global Offshore Specialist Shinjiru is the only offshore web host that is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

They have 8 cutting-edge technology-based global data centers with 1 GBPS connectivity and the latest Intel processors.

On the host, you can get Softaculous (100+ 1-click apps) with cPanel at an affordable price. So if you are coming from shared hosting, you won’t miss anything here.

In fact,you can manage your site effortlessly and get swift support from 50+ support engineers on Skype, calls, live chats, and tickets.

Furthermore, their VPS comes with Litespeed cache, and they also do server speed optimization. It is the fastest server technology right now.

Therefore, you can bang bang when you’re thinking of speed.

You can hire Microsoft offshore VPS as well, as they are a certified Microsoft partner.

Their team provides DDoS protection and anti-hacking protection to keep your website safe and maintain your peace of mind.

They love to hide your identity, so they accept bitcoin.

  • Affordable Offshore VPS
  • 8 Offshore Data Centers
  • 9001:2008 ISO Certified
  • 1GBPS Network Speed
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • DDoS & Anti-Hacking Protection
  • Free Zero Downtime Migration
  • 24/7 Engineer Support on Skype, Phone, Live Chat & Tickets
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Known for poor English support skills

2. ImprezaImpreza

Launched in Brazil in 2013, but to become decentralized, avoid governing body interference, and provide greater privacy & secrecy. Impreza was registered in the Seychelles in 2015.

Do you know how much Impreza loves and advocates free internet and privacy?

It is the only company in the world to actively contribute to the Tor Network. They donate $5 per account every month they sell.

It is also an active member of the Internet Defense League. The league is known to fight daily for more privacy and a decentralized internet.

They don’t even ask for any documents while signing up, and they don’t store any personal information that ensures your hidden identity and privacy.

They accept crypto payments and only need one email address to send server information, payment details, and support.

Their offshore data centers are in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland, Iceland, and the Netherlands. All the servers are Tor compatible, and, as you know, Tor means privacy and anonymity.

Moreover, by being connected to over 17 fiber providers and powered by double stand-alone substations, servers facilitate lower latency, robust reliability, high redundancy, and double data safety.

They also provide free DDoS protection to secure your web property effectively.

With their elegant dashboard, you can install & upgrade your VPS with a click, launch your site on popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Laravel etc., and manage it with free Cyberpanel, cPanel and aaPanel easily.

Even on Cyberpanel, you can enjoy lightning-fast speed and the latest Litespeed server technology.

It doesn’t require you to put your hand in code.

They guarantee 99.99% uptime, a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back policy, and 24×7 email support.

  • Corporate Class & Decentralized Infrastructure
  • Onion TLD included in all plans
  • 6 Global Offshore Data Centers
  • 1-Click VPS & WordPress Install
  • cPanel, Cyberpanel & aaPanel Available
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • One Email To Start, No Personal Data Storing
  • 24/7 Responsive Support
  • Technical support can be spotty due to language barrier
  • Paid Pro DDoS Protection

3. KnownSRVKnownSRV VPS

KnownSRV looks perfect for one who is willing to get a fully managed offshore VPS with power-packed resources at affordable prices.

They got a dual-core Intel Xeon of 3.2GHz and a RAID-10 SSD. The renowned HP powers the majority of their equipment. That guarantees fantastic performance and outstanding data integrity.

Over the top, they use Juniper and Brocade-branded network equipment that enable ultra-low latency and 99.99% uptime. For beginners, they install VestCP or Webmin freely to handle their sites, install their favorite CMS, and send emails.

You can get all the things for just $19.95 per month with the last 3 days, 2x weekly, 1x monthly backups, 2 TBPS DDoS protection, and 24×7 friendly support even on holidays.

  • HP Hardware
  • Fast Intel Xeon
  • Powerful 2TBPS DDoS Protection
  • Free Migrations
  • Free Control Panel with 1-Click Apps
  • 99.99% SLA Uptime
  • 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
  • Can oversell lower-tier VPS resource allocations

4.QloudHostQloudhost No DMCA VPS

QloudHost is a growing DMCA-ignored VPS hosting provider with a datacenter in the Netherlands that offers offshore LiteSpeed servers with premium Softaculous. It just enables you to launch 400+ apps with a click.

Apart from that, to boost performance five times, the host offer NVme SSD

They also provide free migration and a DirectAdmin panel to ensure error-proof web property shifting and manage it easily.

  • High-Resourceful NVme-Powered VPS
  • Premium Softaculous with 400+ one-click apps
  • Windows and Linux OS
  • Multi-Layered Firewall
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Weekly Backup
  • 24/7 Support on Email & Live Chat
  • Have banned Chinese IPs before for CCP scrutiny

5. AbeloHostabelohost vps

With 2N+1, Dutch offshore hosting is a perfect example of full redundancy. It implies that they have two stand-alone systems and one extra backup system. So you can expect unmatchable uptime.

Their servers are made of Intel Xeon E5 processors of 2.4GHz and RAID 10 SSDs with 100 mbps connectivity, which enable the potent capability of hefty loads, complex activities, legal bots, and running multiple apps.

They offer a wide array of automatic operating system installations. You can manage it with a free control panel.

Their 24×7 server monitoring and anti-DDoS protection provide a fierce defense line against any online threats.

  • Fast Intel Processor
  • Cheap Price
  • Free Control Panel
  • Unmetered Transfer
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Migration
  • 24/7 Support on Skype, Chat & Tickets
  • Bitcoin, Alipay & WeChat Pay Accepted
  • BYO Public IP costs extra $
  • “No Logs” Policy is fully unaudited

6. Webcare360webcare360 VPS

Webcare360 is a privacy-driven hosting company that just requires one email to set up an offshore server.

Their data centers are located in the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, where the DMCA is not applicable & online censorship is low.

Apart from that, these servers come with full-automated DDOS protection, an Octa Core processor, a mirror system, and a RAID-10 SSD that can protect against all known types of layer-4 and layer-7 DDoS attacks with great reliability and potent performance.

With self-managed VPS, they also offer full-managed services, including OS and application updates, performance and security monitoring, automated backups, and expert support.

Not only can you use Linux, but you can also deploy window VPS. So it brings anonymity, a choice of OS, and rock-solid reliability.

  • 6 Offshore Data Centers
  • Fully Automated DDoS
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • Weekly Backups
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • RAID-10 SSD
  • 24/7 Experienced Support
  • ToS can change frequently
VPS Type Bitcoin Link
Shinjiru Managed Yes
Impreza Managed Yes
KnowSRV Managed No
Qloudhost Managed No
AbeloHost Managed Yes
WebCare360 Managed No

Before you go…

I hope you have picked your favorite one. But it’s just a first step. Actually bringing out the best outcome from a VPS is the real game. You need speed optimization that will light up your server load and thrive at the pinnacle of performance. However, the guide is written for WordPress, but its fundamentals can work with all kinds of CMS.


What does DMCA ignored mean?
Some people think anyone has stolen one’s content. So he will send DMCA notice to Web hosting to take it down. But Offshore host will ignore it completely.

Does the Netherlands ignore DMCA?
Some offshore host like Impreza, VSYS and Webcare360.com from Holland ignore DMCA

What countries do not allow DMCA
Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, Iceland, Switzerland and Seychelles.

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