5 cPanel Web Hosting Free Trial [$200 + 30 Days} [2024}

Nothing can be cleared unless you decide to face it. Like that, web hosting is also among them.

You have to test them.

In this way, you could get to know the real picture of the web host.

Can they provide sufficient bandwidth?

Are they faster?

Have they developed sophisticated systems to combat online threats such as DDoS and XSS attacks?

How strong and robust are their servers to handle unprecedented traffic?

Are they scalable, extensible, and reliable?

Are they popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel etc.?

Is shared hosting or VPS required for you?

Generally, you can get the correct answer after buying their hosting plan. But a trial offer can save your money.

It keeps your mind tension-free.

So I have brought up the list of the best 5 cPanel hosting companies that offer a free trial for you that is worth $200 aggregately.

Let’s get into it.

cPanel Web Hosting Free Trial

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Best Overall
  • Top 5 Cloud Platforms At A Place 
  • AI Powered Control Panel 
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN 
  • 1-Click WordPress,Drupal &Joomla Apps
  • 24/7 Flexible Support 
  • Free Trial with $100 without CC 
Beginner Friendly
Club VPS
  • Free Global Supersonic CDN 
  • Simple Control Panel 
  • Free Backup & Restore 
  • Free DDoS & SQL Injection Protection 
  • 24/7 Customer Support  
  • 30-Day Trial
Best Performance
  • Free 30-Day Trial With $100
  • Linux &Windows RDP &VPS
  • Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure 
  • Clean Control Panel with 100+1-Click Apps
  • Firewall &Disaster Recovery Management
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

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1. Cloudways cloudways credit button

Cloudways is an exceptional managed cloud hosting platform where you can host your blog on top of cloud infrastructures such as Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode.

You can freely enjoy the real taste of the world’s best hosting environment.

Cloudways offers popular single-click apps with a next-generation AI-based control panel. The Cloudways Bot will assist you in handling and optimizing servers, security, applications, and performance to achieve the best outcome.

Although the Cloudways team takes care of security endpoints like regular updates of software, 7G firewalls, DDoS mitigation, and spam assassination.

And of course!  Can’t forget the auto-healing server and auto-backups. It’s got your back if something goes wrong.

Furthermore, their pre-configured PHP-FPM stretches the performance of PHP applications like WordPress up to four times faster.

And Cloudfare Enterprise CDN makes it possible to gain faster latency and TTFB globally. It reduces a lot of load on the origin server and makes the blog faster.

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Pro Con
Top 5 Cloud VPS Platforms at a Place A tiny period of free trial
AI Powered Control Panel with 60+ DC
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
1-Click WordPress, Drupal & Joomla Apps
24/7 Flexible Support
99.99% Uptiime Guarantee
Pay-as-you go payment model
Real-time malware detection
Free SSL Certificate

2. Namecheap namecheap free trial

With over 14 million domains, Namecheap has been a leading domain registrar since 2000.

Thus, they had been on the list of the fastest-growing companies.

Now they have put their expertise of 2 decades into the hosting niche, and they like to empower beginner webmasters by offering a free trial for managed hosting for 30 days.

Their servers are deployed on the Namecheap cloud with seamless scalability, top-notch security, 3x faster speed, robust reliability, global supersonic CDN, and enhanced security protection.

The dashboard is child-friendly and comes with 1-click WordPress, SFTP, database access, and backups.

Wordpress can be installed in just 90 seconds, including important plugins. So fast.

Pro Con
Free Global Supersonic CDN Shared Resources
Simple Control Panel
Free Backup & Restore
Free DDoS & SQL Injection Protection
24/7 Customer Support
30-Day Free Trial

3. Kamatera kamatera get started-1

Kamatera is a rapidly emerging global cloud platform that provides enterprise cloud solutions to bloggers, start-ups, agencies, and SMBs. As it delivered TTFB in 22ms and achieved God level 100% uptime despite having houndreds of pressure spikes in an independent test.

Servers are power-packed with Intel Xeon Platinum Processors at 2.7 GHz, three times faster than the older ones.

10 GBPS network speed and an enormous 5000 GB transfer provide colossal power to serve over 1 million visitors at just $4 per month. By the way, you can get it free of cost for 30 days.

Cluster-enabled auto-healing servers and cloud load balancers boost to achieve unbeatable uptime.

With the closest data center out of 18 global data centers, you can deploy your web property on your favourite CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., in a click.

You can find the guide to install WordPress with Cyberpanel in a click too.

With their clean dashboard, you can manage the website easily and upgrade RAM, SSD storage, and bandwidth with a click.

Cloud firewall, disaster recovery management and daily backup seem like rock-solid security guards against DDoS, brute force, XSS, and SQL injection.

During their service, if you have any questions, their response support team is ready to help you over the phone and via email chats.

Now you can claim a 30-days free trial with free $100 credit and take a test on your own.

Pro Con
Free 30-Day Trial with $100 No Paypal
Free Linux & Windows VPS
18 Enterprise-Grade Data Centers
Clean Control Panel with 100+ 1-Click Apps
Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management
24/7 Live Chat Support
99.95% Uptime Guarantee
‘ Pay as you go’ Payment Model
Diagonal Scaling

4. HostingerHostinger Hallobeen

Hostinger can be a great companion to you as the host offers a no-question-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. You can test them for 29 days and ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with them.Hostinger Free Trial

However, the host is right now a hot chilli in the market as their powerful servers are powered by hosting leaders like LiteSpeed and Google Cloud.

Their beginner-friendly dashboard comes with numerous AI tools, such as an AI copywriting tool, AI heatmaps, AI website creation, and AI SEO tools, that will help you grow your website faster than ever.

Ironclad firewall, DDoS protection, malware scanner, and Cloudflare protect the client’s website effectively.

You must be aware that if you grab a free domain, they will cut the charge for that domain during refund processing.

Pro Con
LiteSpeed Server Domain Charges
Unlimited Transfer Shared Resources
Free Website Migration
Weekly Backup
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Customer Support (Chat & Ticket)

5. Templ templ free trial

Templ looks promising with an abundance of performance features, green energy, and bedrock readiness, and it cares for all customers with the same preference.

No matter whether you opt for an entry or a higher plan.

As all plans comes with the same features, only resources are different.

With 20+ data centers, Google Cloud, Google Cloud CDN and multiple server-level caching systems power their servers. You can expect unmatchable uptime, TTFB, loading time and overall performance.

Besides, they optimize web property for better speed and fix technical issues freely if you opt for their free migration service.

You can install WordPress with a click and easily manage domains, emails, daily backup, file manager and database with the intuitive custom Templ Panel.

They keep 24×7 tight monitoring, regular updates, free SSL, daily backup and support available around the clock to keep secure.

You can get a 10-day honeymoon test for free without a credit card.

Pro Con
Google Cloud Infrastructure Costly Plan
Carbon Neutral Host
20+ Global Data Centers
Free Speed Optimization
Free Unlimited Migration
Daily Backups last 30 days
99.95% uptime Guaranteed with SLA
Staging & Cloning
24×7 Faster Support
10 Days Free Trial

Wrap Up

Trying a web hosting trial always brings actual image before you. But testing multiples will take a longer time.

So I recommend you try Cloudways, it brings a custom panel hosting experience with enterprise data centers, rock-solid security, unbeatable 99.99% uptime, true Cloudflare Enterprise, 100ms TTFB and reliable support.

Web Hosting Hosting Type Duration CC Required Link
Cloudways Managed VPS 3 Days No
Namecheap Shared 30 Days No
Kamatera Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
Hostinger Shared 30 Days No
Templ Managed VPS 10 Days No


Why need cPanel Web Hosting Free Trial?
cPanel web hosting is the beginning plan of any web host and It is specially designed for newbie bloggers. So they deserve to have a free taste of the actual outcome before a buy.

Anyone Host Offer Free Trial with Domain?
No one, But Dreamhost & Inmotionhosting are offering a free domain name for a year with an annual shared hosting plan which comes with 90 day money-back guarantee.

Who can go for cPanel Web Hosting Free Trial?
Anyone who wanna start their blog, digital marketer, freelancer, writer, an existing blogger who wants to upgrade their current hosting resource and performance.

What is the benefit of cPanel Web Hosting Free Trial?
Refrain yourself from wasting money, time and energy while you couldn’t get the actual result of what they made promises.
But on the other end, you can find the best suitable host or unlock unique features that can be revealed on basis of the test only.

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