7 Drupal Hosting Free Trial [Free $500 + 60 Day} [2024}

Are you looking for a Drupal hosting free trial?

So we have compiled a list of the best hosting companies that offer the same and are worth $500 aggregately.

Some of them provide it without a credit card.

As you know, Drupal is open source like WordPress and Laravel but not as easy as WordPress.

You must be a bit technical or hire a developer to handle the CMS.

However, the CMS is the sixth most popular in the world and known for excellent security and reliability.

So people prefer it to build their business, e-commerce, or production websites.

With a free trial offer, you can try it at no cost and stick with your favorite one for a longer run.

Drupal Hosting Free Trial

Forex VPS Duration CC Required Link
Kamatera 30 Days Yes
Cloudways 3 Days No
Krystal 30 Days Yes
Linode 60 Days Yes
Digital Ocean 30 Days No
Vultr 30 Days No
Upcloud 3 Days Yes


Kamatera is the best choice for the Drupal website owner or developer who seeks full scalability at each level of resource with ease of use, whether it is RAM or CPU or SSD storage.

You can enlarge RAM by 512GB, SSD storage by 4000 GB, and CPU by 104 cores. Anyone can install Drupal in just 60 seconds with a click as they offer drupal as a 1-click app.

Besides Intel Xeon platinum processors with 2.7GHz powered, 13 data centers cover globally to ensure the lowest TTFB and powerful performance around the corners of the World.

Their elegant cloud firewall with innovative disaster recovery management mitigates infamous cyber attacks like DDoS, XSS, brute force, SQL injection, etc., and makes it feasible for faster data recovery.

Anyways, the daily backup will always back you so that you can get sweet dreams at night.

Few unmanaged hosts offer support. They are one of them. You can get answers from their seasoned team over phone calls, live chat and email.

Now you can take a honeymoon test with free $100 credit.

Why Choose Kamatera ?

Software and Hardware Riched Host
Diagonal Scaling
High-Speed Intel Processor
Robust Security Defense
Higher Uptime
Modest Payment Model “Pay as you go.”
Responsive and Trained Support
Most Affordable Pricing $4 per month
Dedicated Account Manager
30 Days Free Trial with no commitment

2.Cloudwaysdrupal cloudways free trial

Forbes featured Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting for drupal, which comes with World’s Top three cloud infrastructures Google Cloud, AWS and Digital Ocean.

These giant cloud providers enable 64 data centers for you. So you can achieve
fastest latency.

Moreover, their optimized stack (Apache+Nginx+HTTP/2) with multiple cache systems Varnish, Memcached and Redis Object Cache Pro can blaze up 10x performance and unbeatable reliability.

With a click, you can launch your server through SSH, install drupal over the server and you will get an intuitive dashboard to manage your website like a pro.

For server security, they have partnered with Cloudflare and Malcare, which establish a rock-proof defense against DDoS, XSS, spam bots, brute force, etc.

In the end, if you feel to get an answer or solution for your queries or problem, their
a flexible team is always ready to help you 24×7.

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Why Choose Cloudways ?

Freedom To Choose World’s Top Cloud Companies at Affordable Pricing
Web Speed Lovers’ Favorite Choice
PHP 7.4+8 Ready Servers With HTTP/2 Enabled
Unbeatable Uptime because of the best cloud providers
1-Click Scaling
No Coding Experience Needed For Drupal Hosting
Free Migration
Unlimited Websites on a Single Server
Free Object Cache Pro
Cloudways CDN
Additional Backup on Different Server
Free SSL Certificates
Free Staging Environment
Easy Github Automation
Smart Assistant (an AI-based bot that provides speed and server performance optimization tips on a real-time basis of server operations)
24×7 Expert Support
Monthly Billing, No obligation for yearly contract
Free Trial without any credit card

3.Krystalkrystal drupal free trial

With over 19 years of experience, Krystel’s motto is to be fully independent and a green web host.

That’s why they have developed Katapult, an ultra-fast NVMe-powered cloud platform built with leading-edge processor technology and efficient, reliable and scalable storage and their servers are 100% green energy fulfilled.

Now, they have set a noble goal to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. That’s amazing.

Enriched with Dell enterprises grade servers, Krystal offers managed drupal hosting powered by Litespeed Cache+Samsung battery-backed SSD.

It can make your drupal website 16x faster, as they claim.

I personally love the Litespeed server that really lights up TTFB and deliver great reliability.

They provide cPanel, so a novice can install drupal with a click and manage his website smoothly.

Daily backups, a comprehensive firewall, real-time scanning for malicious files, DDoS and leach protection, are ready to save you from unfortunate event.

Apart from that, a responsive native English support team will always back you on phone calls, live chat and email 24X7.

Why Choose Krystal ?

Enterprises Grade Infrastructure
Modern Litespeed Server
100% Green Data Centers in UK & USA
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups that stored off-server with Disaster Recovery Management
Friendly in-house Support Team
Scale with a click
Free Expert Migration
Beginner Friendly cPanel
Free SSL Certificate
PCI Compliant For Business
Free Domain
Free Email Account
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Free Auto-responders
N+1 Power and Cooling
ISO 27001 Accredited
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Trial For 30 Days

4.LinodeLinode Free Trial

A great alternative to AWS, Linode has been the leading IAAS provider in the last two decades.

Powerful server specifications like AMD EPYC 7002 series and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 make them ideal for AI complex processes, streaming websites, gaming and video rendering.

Much more potent than the ordinary one.

The graphic card can perform 2x better than the older version and the processors contain 45% more memory bandwidth and 87% more integer performance than Intel Scalable Gen 2 processor in the same class.

Data centers are located at all prominent corners of the World.


You can launch your website with a 1-click drupal app anywhere to be closed to your primary audience.

However, you can purchase their managed service for a few bucks to do everything for you.

Servers are protected with free DDoS protection and a cloud firewall.

Their support team works on the core value that motivated them to take exceptional care of you on phone calls and email.

Why Choose Linode ?

Best AWS alternatives at affordable prices
Robust Server Infrastructure
Great Global Presence
Free Migration
24×7 Human Support
Developers Favorite
Highly Scalable
Managed Hosting Service

5.Digital OceanDigitalOcean Free Trial

GitLab, Bunnyshell, Hackthebox, and Cloudways like the famous two dozen high and medium business companies, are customers of Digital Ocean.

That depicts how robust and reliable DO is.

There is a fun fact that most beginners’ cloud hosting journey starts with the renowned host.

Because of its ease of use and intuitive dashboard where you can find Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla like 100+ 1-click apps, manage and scale them with a click readily.

The presence of 14 data centers in significant corners of the Globe provides a strategic boost to server response time and they got One of the fastest DNS managers.

For security and safety, you can enable a firewall and daily backups.

Why Choose Digital Ocean ?

Highly Resourceful Server
Quickly Scalable
Third Most Faster DNS Manager
14 Potent Data Centers
Free Floating IP Address
Free IPv6
99.955 uptime SLA
Set up Your Own Firewall Rules
24/7/365 Support over Email
30 Days Trial with Free $100 Credit Card

6.VultrVulture Free Trial

Vultr is a tougher contender among unmanaged cloud hosts because of its high-frequency server.

They provide AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon CPU installed servers with NVMe storage technology. These processors can beat up 3GHz+.

They also come with fractional NVIDIA GPU for AI, machine learning, data analytics, scientific
computing and HPC.

Any webmaster can launch a drupal website with a click as they got various 1-click apps. With 17 locations of the data center, DDoS and 7G firewall, you have an abundance of power to serve web pages faster to your audience under modern security technology.

You can also enable auto-backups and MFA to take security to the next level.

Why Choose Vultr ?

High-Frequency Servers with Best Specifications
Higher scalability and redundancy
Powerful AMD & Intel Processor with 3+GHz clock time
100% NVMe Storage
Secured with MFA(Google Authenticator and Yubikey Devices)
‘Pay as you go’ Payment Model
Real-Time Billing
30 Days Free Trial with Free $100 Credit

7. UpcloudUpCloud Free Trial

Upcloud is an emerging cloud host for global SMBs as they have developed MaxIOPS block storage to provide 2x faster performance and reliability on their enterprise-grade cloud platform.

With the latest AMD processors, you can enable faster operations for your server with 100% uptime SLA.

But at this company, you need to be technical to install drupal. They secure your website with a highly configurable firewall and two-factor authentication.

Why Choose Upcloud ?

Super-Duper Hardware Riched Server
10 Data Centers
In-House built Control Panel
Private Networking across the Globe to counter any downtime
InfiniBand Networking, Used in supercomputers since 2012
2-Month Free Migration Period
Protect Your Customer Data under EU and Finnish Law
Pay as Go Payment Model
Free 3-Day Trial


What is Drupal Hosting Free Trial and how does it work?
Drupal Hosting Free Trial is a service provided by web hosting companies that allows users to test out Drupal hosting services without making any initial financial commitment. It gives users access to all of the features and functionalities of a paid Drupal hosting plan, such as the ability to create and manage their own websites, test performance, and rate the hosting company’s customer service. Users can make an informed decision about whether or not to continue using the service during the trial period.

How long does a Drupal Hosting Free Trial typically last?
The length of the Drupal Hosting Free Trial varies according to the hosting company. Some companies provide free trials for a few days, while others provide a 30-day trial period. Before signing up for the service, it is critical to confirm the length of the trial period with the hosting company.

What are the system requirements for using Drupal Hosting Free Trial?
Users will need a computer or device with an internet connection and a web browser to use Drupal Hosting Free Trial. Furthermore, the operating system, web server, and database software may be required by the hosting company. For detailed information on system requirements, check the hosting company’s website or contact their customer support.

Can I upgrade to a paid hosting plan after the Drupal Hosting Free Trial expires?
Yes, after the Drupal Hosting Free Trial expires, users can upgrade to a paid hosting plan. Indeed, many hosting companies provide a variety of hosting plans with varying features and pricing options. It is recommended that you compare the features and pricing of various plans and choose the one that best fits your website’s needs and budget.

Is Drupal Hosting Free Trial secure and reliable?
Drupal Hosting Free Trial is as safe and dependable as a paid hosting plan. Hosting companies usually offer the same level of security and uptime guarantee for their free trial plans as they do for their paid plans. However, before signing up for a service, it is always a good idea to check the hosting company’s security measures, backup procedures, and customer support. It is also important to remember that because Drupal Hosting Free Trial is a trial service, the hosting company may not provide the same level of support and resources to paid customers.

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