9 Best VPS For Forex Traders [Non-Stop Window Forex VPS 2023]

Forex trading is the only absolute non-stop trading market where the currencies are traded 24 hours a day without any central marketplace.

The trading is done via computer networks worldwide, and pricing constantly changes throughout the day.

So being proactive 24 hours over the counters electronically is the first rule to trade to be profitable.

Otherwise, any downtimes can refrain you from getting more pip at the same price than competitors.

The second one is needed to be faster. It helps you fulfill the rule of coming first, getting first, and it opens a way to get higher pips.

Then obviously need a rock-solid VPS, which should be specially made for currency trading with the lowest latency and higher performance.

So we have picked the best VPSs for you that will automate all processes, run around the clock and pick the most favorable deal.

Best 9 Forex VPS

Forex VPS Type Link
Kamatera Cloud VPS
Scalahosting Managed VPS
AccuWeb Hosting Managed VPS
ForexVPS Managed VPS
FXVM Managed VPS
Trading FXVPS Managed VPS
NewYorkCity Server Managed VPS
VPSServer Managed VPS

What is Forex VPS

There are two terms; first, you need to be acquainted with VPS.

When a hosting company offers a dedicated virtual space on a server that can host any web apps, it’s called VPS. While run Forex apps, it’s called Forex VPS.

VPS is the best performant product after a dedicated server because all the allocated resources are guaranteed to use.

It enables top-notch performance, better security, and reliable uptime.

It so doesn’t matter where you are? A VPS will run through out the day and do hands free trading for you.

What are the benefits of having Forex VPS?

There are many essential benefits, as mentioned above. We will elaborate on some other benefits below.

1. Lower Latency – In Forex trading, low latency works like Hemoglobin, boosting transaction speed.

In fact, how many possibilities are there to be profitable truly depends on how fast you connect with the broker’s server.

So a specialized host “VPS” can effortlessly do that.

2. Global Connectivity – Are you looking to trade in New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, Sydney, Hongkong, Zurich, or anywhere?

Forex VPSs are available everywhere with high-speed connectivity. You have to host MT4/MT5 only and start dealing.

3. Hands Free Trading – At Forex VPS, you can deploy your Forex robot that will take care of the whole trading process as your representative.

Moreover, many Forex software come with automated options that can automatically pick the best deal while you’re in bed or at a party.

4. Security – Where money gets involved, strong security is indispensable.

Every host knows it, and most of them offer a 7G firewall, disaster recovery management, regular malware scanning, and nightly backups.

1.KamateraKamatera Forex VPS Trial

Kamatera is the best choice for an Ultra-fast and reliable Forex VPS with zero latency and highly secured with flexible human customer support.

Their servers are powered by the latest and fastest generation of Intel Xeon Gold processors, enabling up to 300% more power than previous generations.

The internet backbone “network speed” between your server and the internet can pump to 40 Gbit/s. RAM can be stretched to 512GB and CPU up to 104 cores.

All the data is stored in SSDs with no I/O bottlenecks and can be enlarged to 4000GB. Total freedom with speedy infrastructure.

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

With a handy cloud management console, you’ll love to deploy your first VPS over their 13 data centers across four continents with Windows & Linux OS with just a few clicks. You can scale it quickly as per your need later.

No technicalities are needed.

They have allotted separated resources per server on the security level without sharing RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth with cloud firewall, private networks, and disaster recovery management.

That makes solid defense against unbridled online threats and vulnerabilities like DDoS, SQL injection, brute force, etc. And, of course, private resources play a vital role in achieving top-edge performance.

Moving further, Kamatera has added load balancers that transfer the load of the current server to the next available server if the first one fails or gets unprecedented traffic spikes.

It makes it impossible to turn down the running applications. But if something unfortunate occurs, backups will save you .

Moreover, they have been using failure-proof technology for servers with unlimited Bandwidth. That’s why they guarantee 99.95% uptime.

If you have some queries or are stuck in any problem, they love to hear from you. Especially they appoint a designated account manager for forex VPS-related query solutions. You can connect with them over mail.

They also offer 24/7 support over phone calls, ticket-system, and in-human live chat to combat any issue asap.

So now, if you want to test it, they offer you a 30-day free trial without any charges.

What Users Think on Twitter & TrustPilot?

Why choose Kamatera

Highly experienced since 1999 and Hardware-Software Rich Hosting Environment
Authorized Microsoft Partner makes the faster procedure of MS licensing, installation, registration, and software updates.
Fastest Intel Xeon Gold Processor up to 300% more performance
Freedom with Guaranteed Allocated Resources, Unlimited Bandwidth, 104 CPU cores, and 512 GB RAM
Easy to manage, clone, and scale with the precise cloud management console
A Designated Account Manager
‘Pay as you go’ payment model
24×7 Highly responsive in-human Support on phone and chat
Free 30 Days without any charges

2.Scalahosting.comForex VPS ScalaHosting

Recognized as the best VPS hosting service in 2021 and 22 by Forbes, Scalahosting is one of the best-managed VPS for forex traders, specially fine-tuned for MT4 and MT5 deployed over Windows 2019 with connection to 2000+ broker servers.

With three-layer backup on separate servers, they guarantee 99.99% uptime, ensuring you will never miss a single pip.

Powered by NVMe storage and a 10GBPS redundant network, 23 global data centers boost the ping and enable the fastest connectivity with broker servers.

The ecstatic managed Forex VPS comes with preinstalled trading apps with 100% fully automated and private space allocated.

It can be enlarged (RAM 8-64GB, CPU 4-24 cores & SSD 240-2000GB) with the ease of a click.

You will get root access for managing the server but feeling hard in code. You can install free sPanel or cPanel.

On the security side, innovative SShield monitors in real-time and blocks 99.998% of cyber attacks. in the meanwhile, they offer

most convenient support in guarantee time, the 30s/response for chat and 15m/response for the ticket.

Why Choose Scalahosting?

Best Services awarded in various categories of Web Hosting by Multiple Renowned Media like Forbes, Techradar, ZDNet.
3 backups on three different servers and automatically start running a healthy node if the existing one fails. So no question about downtime.
23 data centers are highly dedicated with enormous RAM, CPU, and NVMe storage.
Get your server ready in 30 seconds.
MT4 & MT5 specialist VPS comes with preinstalled apps and automated features.
Premium Human Support over Chat and Ticket
Hassle-free 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

3.Accuweb Hostingaccuwebhosting forex vps

Nineteen years of seasoned Accuwebhosting provides total freedom to Forex traders.

You can opt for prelicensed Window 2012/2016/2019 with multiple trading instances like-


You can also choose a closet data center from the set of 23 data centers that nearly cover every corner of the world with 1GBPS connectivity.

Hyper-V VPS servers consist of Dual Xeon E5 series, 256 GB DDR3 RAM, high-speed server-grade SSD drives, RAID setup, and are protected by Micrsoft’s Windows firewall and ClamWin antivirus.

So they offer 99.90% uptime and include free complimentary backup per account for handling data loss with care.

On the fully managed VPS server, you can deploy multiple terminals and trading accounts till having enough resources.

Don’t worry about the overconsuming; the account can be seamlessly upgraded.

While seeking help, their promising support at certain times will help you to shootout any bother without worrying and much waiting.

Why Choose AccuWebHosting

19+ Experiences
23 Global Data Centers cover the whole world
Robust Server Infrastructure
Affordable Plans that start from $12/m
Prelicensed Window Server 2012, 2016, 2019
Weekly Backups
Seamlessly Upgrades
Multiple Accounts & Terminals
Compatible with Apple, Android, Window
7 Day Money Back Guarantee
24*7 Promising Human Support on chat & Email


Trusted by the famous brokers in the world and 4.8 ratings out of 5 at TrustPilot shows how much ForexVPS is lovable among their customers for powerful Equinix Servers, smooth ease of use, 1ms latency and super helpful support.

Equinix server is already known for top-notch performance, despite the fact, these are made of lighting fast NVMe SSD, robust Intel Xeon chips, and the latest DDR4 RAM that can effortlessly crunch complex trading algorithms.

Over 10 data centers with 1GBPS connectivity and push ping at an astonishing 1 MS speed that makes sure you should be the first to deal and book the highest possible profit.

They feature auto-startup & MT4 optimized ambiance, support all EA, tier-1 bandwidth, redundant power configurations, dedicated IP, full hardware resources and Windows firewall.

And also, you will have an option to choose from Window 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022 with a 14-day money refund policy.

Over the top, their expert support is available 24*7 over live chat and ticket.

Why Choose Forex VPS

Enterprise-Grade Equinix Servers
Tier-1 Bandwidth
Bursting 1MS Latency
Faster NVMe Storage
Robust Intel Xeon Processor(3.4GHz)
100% Uptime Guarantee
Quick Server Setup in 5 Minutes
Supporting all Expert Advisors
Dedicated IP
24*7 Technical Support
Full Hardware Resource Guarantee

5.FXVMFXVM forex vps

FXVM is a go-to trading platform, and they have already partnered with over 30 Forex traders.

Easily select one of them with the nearest data center and start trading with your ready-made MT4 trading account in a few minutes.

Their Equinix, Global Switch, Level 3, and Internap servers with presence in major financial hubs drive the lowest latency and faster deals.

They also feature 100% uptime, automatic backups, MT4, MT5, Ninja Trader optimized environment, and dedicated IP to put you ahead in trading and add a massive reputation to your account.

It will work like a business’s goodwill for you.

Why choose FXVM

Forex Trading Specialized Equinix Servers
8 Data Centers in Major Trading Hubs that cover all continents.
MT4, MT5, and Ninja Trader Optimized Ambiance
Window 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022
Blazing Fast SSD Storage
Dedicated IP Address
Unlimited Bandwidth
No Yearly Contract, Monthly Pay Model
24×7 Human Support on Chat & Email
7 Day Trial for $0.99

6.Trading FXVPSTradingFXVPS

Trading FXVPS is a fully managed dedicated Forex VPS built for nothing but forex trading.

That’s why servers are powered by Equinix and NVMe, which is five times faster than standard SSD, and Intel i9 also powers at the clock time of 3.5GHz to 5GHz.

But do you want to unlock monster performance? Turn on GPUs and feel it.

Data centers are strategically located in Europe and America to achieve 0.5ms latency.

Besides, cloud antivirus, malware protection, and VPS checkpoints keep VPS safe and secure.

Why Choose Tranding FXVPS?

Intel i9 and GPU for Monster Performance
Bursting NVMe storage
Window 2010, 2016, 2019, 2021
Renowned Microsoft Hyper V Virtualization
Unmetered Bandwidth
Data Center in New York, London, Frankfurt Amsterdam
Responsive 24×7 Technical Support on Chat, Email, and Phone calls.
7 Day Trial for $3.99

7.NewYorkCity ServersNewYorkCityServers

NewYorkCitryServers is highly suitable for one who wants to trade in USA and London only.

It comes with 100% uptime SLA, faster Intel E3 chips, SSD storage, and excellent connectivity that enable quicker deals on MT4, MT5, cTrader, NinjaTrader, Python, and R.

You can automate the process to deploy EA and cBot, and NYCServer brings the automation to the next by adding auto alert and auto start features.

It will report every action of EA, bots, and trading status in your mailbox directly.

Thus it will save you much valuable time and keep your peace of mind better. You don’t need to open much and linger your eyes on the screen the whole time.

Moreover, a daily backup will get your back, DDoS protection will save you from online evils, and 24×7 human support over chat and email will be at your disposal.

Why Choose NYCServers

USA & London Specialized Forex VPS Service
Vast RAM Size
Absolute Automation with Auto-start and Auto-Alert System
Uncapped Bandwidth
100% SLA Guarantee
24×7 in-Human support
Robust Intel 3 Processors
Monthly Billing
7 Day Trial for $1


Are you facing a low budget? Try FXSVPS which plan starts just at $1.3/m. Serving 20k since 2012, FXSVPS run their servers in enriched tier 3 date centers in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Germany.

They have deployed the latest technology clusters like KVM, XEN, and VMware. That’s why they offer 99.99% uptime with faster latency.

MT4 and other essential trading software are preinstalled on servers with 1GBPS connectivity, DDoS protection, and a dedicated IP address.

They are also ready to help over Skype, phone, chat, and mail heartedly at the support end. Also, you can get a dedicated support manager if you opt for a middle-level plan.
Why Choose FXSVPS

Innovative Technology Clusters
Affordable Pricing
Great Network Speed over 1GBPS
High-Quality Tier-3 Server
Unlimited Bandwidth
7 Day Trial For $3.5

9.VPSServerVPSServer Forex VPS

Trusted by global brand leaders Github, Yoast, Vue.js, Apache, and RankingCoach, VPSServer is sparking with its world-class cloud infrastructure.

They use Intel E5 Gold generation processors with three times simultaneous NVME storage that preserves your data at two other servers, except main server.

They have staged up many big VPS players like AWS, Digitalocean, Azure, Linode, Vultr, and more with the rich infrastructure to get a Unixbench score for VPS performance.

Besides, IPv6 enabled, firewall and DDos protected data centers strategically located in 17 central locations-

Silicon Valley
Los Angeles
New York City
Hong Kong

So you can deploy your VPS so close to brokers, get more pips and make more profits at the highest speed connectivity.

They regularly check-up, scan VPS and patch it if there are any vulnerabilities, and 3-layer data storage comes as a great backup option daily that ensures unmatchable uptime.

Why Choose VPSServer

Trusted by World’s Leading Brands
Higher Server Performance Benchmark Score than Cloud Giants
15+ Server Locations
Hyper Active against malware and vulnerabilities
Innovative 3 Layer NVME Storage
Fast 40 Gbit connection
Monthly billings
Affordable pricing starts from $3.99/m
7 Day free trial with Credit Card

Wrap Up

In Forex trading, being online prominently, connecting in lower ms, automating process are the front-line conditions to make numerous possibilities to be profitable.

So keeping these in mind, we have brought the list for you. Although everyone has its uniqueness, extraordinary features, and pricing. You have to explore it to find out best one.

If you ask me, I would recommend Kamatera because,

Serving since the early days of the internet, 1998 makes it One of the Most Experience Brands.
Owing all the server infrastructures that they offer you
99.95% Uptime Guaranteed
Prominent Authorized Microsoft Partner
Robust Inter Xeon Gold Processors
Unmetered Bandwidth along with Vast Resources
Diagonal Scaling
Cloud Firewall & DDoS Protection
Disaster Recovery Management
A Designated Account Manager
24×7 Human Support over Chat, Mail, and Phone
Free 30 Day Trial


Which VPS is best for Forex trading?
Kamatera, Scalahosting and more are best for it.

Is a VPS necessary for Forex?
Yes, it will automated all the trading process and run around the clock.

Which VPS is best for MT4?
Scalahosting and Kamatera are the best.

Can I use VPN for Forex trading?
Yes you can use, if your Forex broker allows you.

Which is the cheapest Forex VPS?
FXSVPS, its’ plan starts from $1.3/month

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