How To Install WordPress on Kamatera in 1 Min [Guide 2024}

Kamatera is one of the finest cloud platforms that offers higher resources with robust security, optimum performance, and reluctant stability at affordable pricing.

For WordPress users, they have added a clean dashboard, 1-click apps, and tutorials to manage their website easily. You can try it with their free trial.  

How To Install WordPress on Kamaterainstall WordPress on Kamatera

Why Should You Setup WordPress on Kamatera?

1.1-Click WordPress App – Kamatera provides 1-click WordPress apps to launch your first WordPress blog without technical knowledge. You can also find Cyberpanel to install WordPress.

2.LiteSpeed Server – This is the newest server, but powerful. That’s why pro-webmasters recommend it and Kamatera offers it.

3.2.7Ghz Intel Xeon Processor – Generally, cloud platforms come with less than 2GHz chips for an entry-level plan. But Kamatera got a big heart and offers 2.7GHz chips for beginners.

4.17 Data Center Locations – Located in Hong Kong, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, New York, Santa Clara, Texas, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Rosh Haayin, Haifa, Petach Tikva, Rosh Haayin 2 and Tel Aviv, they literally cover the whole globe. They can easily manage to achieve a faster TTFB.

5.Higher Resources -Their entry-level plan consists of 1GB RAM, 20 SSD and 5 TB transfer. That’s more than ample to start a cloud journey.

6.Cloud Firewall With DDoS Protection – Many cloud platforms don’t provide robust security but the basics. Kamatera loves to secure your website with a cloud firewall and DDoS protection.

7.Responsive Support – They are available 24×7 on chat, phone, and email to solve your queries.

Setup Your Lite Speed Server

YouTube video
1.Sign up for Kamatera Free Trial Offer

2.Login into Kamatera Console

3.Head to the left sidebar, click on My Cloud> Create New Server
Kamatera Create server-1
4.Choose the nearest server
chose server location kamatera
5.In the next section, select CyberPanel under the app images section.

Cyberpanel will install Open Litespeed Server software, and we can manage it at no cost. Choose its latest version.
Choose Server OS
6.Choose A-Availability as the server type. It’s pocket-friendly and has excellent resources. So it’s recommended for beginners.
choose CPU RAM SSD
7.Choose 1 CPU Core

8.Choose 1 GB RAM

9.choose 20GB SSD as it comes under the $4 plan.
daily backup10.You can enable daily backup and management service. These are optional and chargeable.

11.Keep networking options as default.
12.Set your password and unique server name.
set password and server name kamatera
13.Select the monthly billing cycle and create a server. Now wait 5-7 minutes, and the server will be ready.

Install WordPress

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After the successful installation of Cyberpanel, we need to install WordPress.

1.Go to My Cloud> Servers and click the open option for your server.
2-server installed
2.Click on Info and copy Cyberpanel details on your notepad.3-cyberpanel details
3.Now paste your Cyberpanel url(serverip:8090) in the guest mode of chrome. You may face a privacy error. 4-privacy errorClick Advanced and then proceed to your server IP.
4.Enter Cyberpanel details and log in.5-cyberpanel login page
5.Click Websites>Create website under the center section.7-click websites
6.Don’t forget to point a new server IP in the DNS records of the domain on which you would like to install WordPress. DNS RecordsNow enter website details-9-website details
Package – Default
Owner – admin
Domain Name – domain name without www
PHP – 8.0
SSL – Check
open_basedir Protection – check

Now click Create Website. First of all, SSL will install, 10-SSL & Website will setupthen the website.11-Website Created

7.On the Left sidebar, Click the List Websites option of Websites.12-list websites
8.You can see your installed website. Click Manage.13-click manage
9.Quickly scroll to the bottom and click WP+LSCache14-click WP
10.Set WordPress blog details and hit install now.15-Fill WordPress Site Details
It will install WordPress with the LSCache plugin.16-LS & WP Installed
11.Now, you can visit your blog and access the admin area at WP Site
12.Your WordPress Admin Dashboard will look like this.19-WP Site Dashboard


Is Kamatera Safe?
Yes, Kamatera has a cloud firewall and DDoS protection to save your website from trojan, brute force, and XSS attacks.

How To Install WordPress on Kamatera?
Use 1-click Cyberpanel app or the WordPress app. You can install it with a few clicks.

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