100% Off Linode Student Discount (4 Active) April 2023

It is much easier to get a student discount at Linode. All you need is a discount link and a credit card or a PayPal account. Financial information is only required to pass identity verification as a serious user. No charges.

By the way, the offer is also valid for others such as developers, professionals, server administrators, and startups. Linode’s entire product line is available with no fees that do not exceed $100 per minute.

Linode Student DiscountLinode Free Trial

100% OFF

Don't miss the offer, if you are student. Start your first cloud journey. 

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Free $100

Grab free $100 Linode hosting credit and invoke your infinity cloud experiments. 

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100% OFF

Launch WordPress blog on free VPS and enjoy a free 60-day cloud experience. 

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100% OFF

Activate Linode free tier account for 60 days, avail free $100 credit and launch various product for free. 

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Let’s hand on the following steps

1.Visit Linode discount page
2.On the right side, you can find three ways to start signing up. 1-Email buttonFor a better experience, hit the email button.
3.Down your email, username and password to the following form.2-Enter email details
4.Check your inbox, confirm emailfind confirmation mail from Linode and hit the confirmation link to validate your email address.
5.Set your country code, 3-Number Verificationput down your phone number and verify it.
6.You can find three payment methods, 4-Payment Methodchoose one from Google Pay, Paypal and Credit Card.
I would recommend Paypal. Now link it with your linode account.
7.In the next section, enter billing addressyou need to fill out your billing details including full name, company name and address.
8.Agree to master service agreement create accountand press create account.cloud manager
Congrats, your linode account has been created successfully.

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How Do I Check, If Student Discount Activated or Not?

1.Head to cloud manager
2.On top right corner, click on your usernamebilling and contact information
3.Hit to billing & contact information under account section
4.In the promotion box, you can see a $100 credit that imply, offer is activated.promotion 100

What Products and Features You can Get

You will have a bunch of products with wholesome features to try out.

20 Cloud VPSs
20 IPv4
20 IPv6
20 TB Transfer
Unlimited Server Creation
Server Cloning
100+ 1-click apps
Rescue Mode to fix corrupted file safely
Domain Manager
Cloud Firewall

What Projects Can You Launch?

Various Web Servers Like Litespeed, nGinx and Apache
Minecraft Server
VS Code Server
Kali Linux as RDP


What is Linode Student Discount?
Linode Student Discount is a program that provides eligible students with a $100 credit when they sign up for a Linode account.

Who is eligible for the Linode Student Discount?
You must also provide a valid email address and a PayPal account to be eligible for the Linode Student Discount.

How much discount can I get through the Linode Student Discount?
The Linode Student Discount provides eligible students with a $100 credit when they sign up for a Linode account. This credit can be applied to any Linode service.

How long does the Linode Student Discount last?
The Linode Student Discount is valid for two months after activation. The discount will expire after two months, and you will be required to pay the regular price for Linode services.

Can I use the Linode Student Discount along with other discounts or promotions?
No, the Linode Student Discount cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

What Linode services are eligible for the student discount?
You can apply the Linode Student Discount to any Linode service, including virtual private servers, managed Kubernetes, and other cloud computing services.

What happens if I exceed the $100 credit limit?
If your credit limit is exceeded, you will be charged for any additional usage at the regular rate. It is critical to keep track of your usage in order to avoid unexpected charges.

How many times can I use the Linode Student Discount?
The Linode Student Discount can only be applied to one student at a time. You will not be able to use the discount again if you have already used it. Try again with a different email address.

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