Best 5 Free VPS For Student Without Credit Card [2023]

As a student, you’d like to test a VPS, I appreciate it. It shows how determined you are to test your knowledge in a practical way.

So definitely, I have compiled a list of top notch hosts that provide VPS on a free trial without a credit card for a student.

The hosts are currently leading cloud platforms. Hence, you can get the best in terms of performance, security, and uptime. And you don’t require any identity proof to grab the offers.
Let’s start.

Free VPS For Student

CloudwaysCloudways WordPress Cloud Hosting

Truly Cloudflare enterprises and world-leading cloud infrastructure providers GCP, AWS, Linode, DO and Vultr guarantee Cloudways servers top notch performance and TTFB under 70 ms in any part of the globe through 250 premium Cloudflare pop-ups.

Specially, Cloudflare increases site speed on mobile devices with their polish feature.

Amazing remedy of object cache pro+Nginx+apache+varnish build their server. Overall, these boost site speed 10 times.

Besides Cloudflare enterprise and Malcare clear all checks in order to provide multi-layer
and ironclad security.

No matter, you are a developer or a newbie, you can find 1-click apps of many softwares like WordPress and manage & optimize them with the help of an AI assistant bot inside of their initiative dashboard.

You will get exposure to the power of AI and can feel it.

They guarantee 99.99% uptime, however, auto-healing servers are best at retaining uptime. Moreover, Cloudflare’s Always Online feature will keep your site up forever and serve content from cache reserves and tiered cache.

During the hosting, if you have any queries, they will help you via live chat and support tickets around the clock.

Free Trial

You can bang on your cloud journey with the robustly managed cloud platform without any credit card.

LinodeLinode Free Trial

Linode is one of those frontier cloud platforms which turn cloud from cluttered coding to
comprehensible GUI. You can find many stories about how many current pro-server admins have started their cloud adventures from it.

You can launch WordPress like 100+ softwares within a click.

Along with it, they have market-leading infrastructure that provides services for high-intensity operations like AI, video rendering, gaming, and streaming websites.

11 global data centers provide a great opportunity to host your property in major locations of the world and enjoy powerful performance.

Servers are protected by a 99.99% uptime guarantee, DDoS protection, and a cloud firewall. And your queries will be solved through a ticket system.

Free Trial

They provide a free $100 credit for 60 days. You can take their test drive. But you need to connect a payment method like Google Pay, Paypal, or a credit card to be identified as a serious user.

IONOSIONOS free trial

The European cloud host IONOS loves to match up to the world’s highest standards, as they have provided cloud services on their 7 ISO certified data centers at a super low cost.

Their VPS are powered by the latest Intel Xeon E5 processors and a 100% SSD SAN storage system with full virtualization.

Aside from that, cloud backup, server snapshots, firewall management, and DDoS protection keep servers safe and make sure they are up 99.99% of the time.

Although you’ll get many preinstalled apps like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop Shopware, and more, you don’t even need a Plesk server to run websites on the apps.

If you’re stuck somewhere, they can help over email and phone calls.

Free Trial

They offer a free trial that costs $2 for 30 days. However, you can get a refund if you end the plan before the 30th day of usage.

Interserver.netInterserver VPS

Interserver is a versatile cloud host with a range of VPS, including Linux VPS, storage VPS, and Windows VPS. Also, they provide huge resources.

Servers are built with self-healing hardware. However, their AI system will detect the problem and redirect it to another available node. So uptime is great here.

You can manage your server freely with DirectAdmin or Cyberpanel and deploy more than 100 apps. Though if you buy 4 slices, it will come with free managed service.

Free Trial

You can test their VPS at a cost of $3 for 30 days, don’t forget to use “Problogguru” coupon.

Digital OceanDigitalOcean Free Trial

Digital Ocean is now the parent company of Cloudways. It shows their strong intention to make the cloud easy and flexible for all. However, managed services are only available at Cloudways.

Digital Ocean offers a variety of VPS products, including CPU-optimized, memory-optimized, storage-optimized, and general-purpose.

You can choose an Intel or AMD processor as you like. Moreover, with a simple dashboard, there are more than 100 1-click apps available. It’s an easy pie for a newbie.

The host lacks DDoS protection and responsive support. So for a better option, choose Cloudways.

Free Trial

The host provides a 30-day trial with a free $100 credit.


With world-class cloud infrastructure, the fastest CDN, ironclad security, a free managed service, and responsive support, Cloudways is unquestionably a winner.

As a programming student, I don’t want you to waste time; instead, concentrate on your main goal. So select the best one to achieve the best results.


What are the requirements to get a free VPS for students?
Depending on the provider, the requirements for obtaining a free VPS for students may differ. Students must typically be enrolled in an accredited institution and provide proof of student status, such as a student ID or transcript. However, hosts in the post do not require any proof.

What can I use a free VPS for?
Students can use a free VPS for a variety of purposes, including learning and practicing web development, testing applications, running server-side applications, and hosting personal projects.

Is a free VPS for students safe and reliable?
Yes, as long as it is provided by a reputable provider, a free VPS for students is safe and reliable. It is critical to select a provider with a proven track record of security and dependability.

How long can I use a free VPS for?
Depending on the provider, the duration of the free VPS for students may vary. Some providers provide free VPS for a limited time, while others provide it indefinitely as long as you are a student.

How do I apply for a free student VPS?
To apply for a free VPS for students, go to the provider’s website and follow their application process. In most cases, you will need to provide your student information and fill out an application form.

Can I later upgrade to a paid VPS plan?
You can upgrade to a paid VPS plan later if you require additional resources or features. However, before upgrading, you should review the pricing and terms of the paid plan.

What should I do if I have problems with my free student VPS?
If you have any problems with your free VPS for students, please contact the provider’s customer service. They can assist you with any technical or billing issues.

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