5 Free VPS & RDP For Students [+Free $200 Credit 2023]

As a student, if you’d like to test a VPS, I appreciate it. It shows how determined you are to test your knowledge in a practical way.

So I have compiled a list of the best cloud platforms that provide free VPS. You can use these to launch VPS, RDP, cloud virtual machines, and cloud storage.

No matter if you are a high school or college student, you don’t require an identity card to get the perks for free. This is the best part, you’re going to love it.

Now let’s get started.

Free VPS Server For Studentfree vps for students

Web Hosting Type Duration CC Required Link
Kamatera Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
ClubVPS Cloud VPS 60 Days Yes
Linode(Akamai) Cloud VPS 60 Days Paypal
DigitalOcean Cloud VPS 30 Days Paypal
IONOS Cloud VPS 30 Days Paypal

1.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

Kamatera is an enterprise grade cloud VPS provider. As a student, you will have a lot of features to explore and learn about that will help you understand the cloud environment better.

Actually, the host is the best on the list, as their entry level VPS took only 22 ms to respond (TTFB) and maintained stunning 100% uptime throughout 30 days in an independent test.

Moreover, the server successfully handled 10,000 concurrent users in real time with no errors.

You can try it out for free. They just charge $1-2 for verification and instantly refund it. You will also get an additional $100 credit if you go for it today.

The server was built with a 2.7 GHz Intel Xeon Platinum processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 20 GB SSD.

You can explore 12 different types of OS, including Ubuntu, CentOS, CloudLinux, and Windows, and launch servers, RDP on Linux & Windows, VPN, Kubernetes, Docker, MongoDB, cPanel, and Elasticsearch with a click.

18 global data-centers in 17 locations provide a lot of scope to learn how the closest data center is better than the farthest one.

Additionally, being an authorized Microsoft partner, the host saves a lot of time on license processing and instantly configures Windows RDP and Windows Server.

Under the host, you can launch various servers that can fulfill your multiple purpose-

Pro Con
Robust Enterprise-Grade Cloud Infrastructure No SSH
High-Speed Intel Xeon Processor No other payment method than a credit card
40 GBPS Port Speed
N+1 Redundant Servers & Multitude energy sources to cope with system failure
Precise Student-Friendly Dashboard
100+ Popular one-click apps like WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal
Flexible Server configuration and diagonal scaling
Multi-Layer Security with Cloud Firewall & Disaster Recovery Management
24/7 Human Support on Calls, Live Chat & Email
‘Pay as you go’ payment model

2.Club VPSclub vps free trial

Club VPS is a sister VPS provider of Kamatera. So the UX is the same, but the purpose is different. The host was built with the sole purpose of serving SMBs, SaaS, and enterprises.

They provide extensively heavy-duty Intel Xeon Platinum chips that can cloak from 2.6 GHz to 106.667 GHz with redundant configuration and 40 GBPS port speed.

You can learn how to deploy SaaS and business apps for free.

Pro Con
Heavy-duty Infrastructure No Doc
Linux & Windows
30+ one-click apps
99.95% Uptime Promise
24/7 Responsive Support through call & email

3.LinodeLinode Free Trial

Linode (now branded as Akamai) is a great choice for students who need high-end resources with powerful graphic cards for learning video rendering, AI operations, gaming streaming, and simultaneous multi-executions.

To carry out the huge power, they have added an AMD EPYC 7002 processor to their fleet, which has 45% more memory transfer capacity and can perform 87% more than Intel chips in the same class.

You can deploy VPS, NodeBalances, Firewalls, StackScripts, Object Storage, Longviews, Kubernetes, and 100+ one-click apps for free without a credit card.

Pro Con
High-End Infrastructure No Window
99.99% industry uptime guarantee No RDP
Multitude payment methods
Free DDoS protection & cloud firewall
24/7 Expert Support over the phone

4.Digital OceanDigitalOcean Free Trial

When talking about User Experience, you will find Digital Ocean on the mountaintop. Their server infrastructure is also rock solid, as they responded in under 200 ms and managed 99.96% uptime in a recent test.

You can multiply the performance by deploying Premium droplets, which come with superfast NVME SSDs and 3.2 GHz AMD chips.

As a student, you can learn about cloud VPS, Kubernetes, cloud functions, cloud apps, databases, block storage, cloud firewalls, load balancers, reserved IPs, and DNS.

Additionally, you will get 100+ one-click apps to launch popular WordPress, VPN, Docker, WHM, cPanel, GitLab, Laravel, NodeJS, and Django.

All the features you can explore at no cost without a credit card.

Pro Con
Beginner-friendly UX No RDP
A Bunch of 1-click apps No Windows
Second-fastest DNS No daily backups
14 data centers in 9 locations No flexible support
SSH No DDoS protection
Monthly Payment Model

5.IONOSIONOS free trial

The European cloud host IONOS loves to match up to the world’s highest standards, as they have provided cloud services in their 7 ISO-certified data centers at a super low cost.

The most recent Intel Xeon E5 processors and a 100% SSD SAN storage system with full virtualization power their VPS.

Aside from that, cloud backup, server snapshots, firewall management, and DDoS protection keep servers safe and make sure they are up 99.99% of the time.

Although you’ll get many preinstalled apps like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop Shopware, and more, you don’t even need a Plesk server to run websites on the apps.

You can test it all for a minimal $2 for 30 days.

Pro Con
ISO 27001 certified data centers No Asian DC
Unmetered transfer at 400 mbps No Windows
1-click popular apps
99.99% uptime guarantee
24/7 Flexible Support via Phone Calls & Email


With the lowest TTFB, maximum uptime, and an enterprise-grade cloud server, Kamatera is an unbeatable choice where you can learn important 20+ new things like VPN, Docker, RDP, many VPS servers, etc. at no cost.

The UX is beginner-friendly, and multiple security borders secure their servers. If you decide to try it today, they will provide you with an additional $100 credit.


What are the requirements to get a free VPS for students?
Depending on the provider, the requirements for obtaining a free VPS for students may differ. Students must typically be enrolled in an accredited institution and provide proof of student status, such as a student ID or transcript. However, hosts in the post do not require any proof.

What can I use a free VPS for?
Students can use a free VPS for a variety of purposes, including learning and practicing web development, testing applications, running server-side applications, and hosting personal projects.

Is a free VPS for students safe and reliable?
Yes, as long as it is provided by a reputable provider, a free VPS for students is safe and reliable. It is critical to select a provider with a proven track record of security and dependability.

How long can I use a free VPS for?
Depending on the provider, the duration of the free VPS for students may vary. Some providers provide free VPS for a limited time, while others provide it indefinitely as long as you are a student.

How do I apply for a free student VPS?
To apply for a free VPS for students, go to the provider’s website and follow their application process. In most cases, you will need to provide your student information and fill out an application form.

Can I later upgrade to a paid VPS plan?
You can upgrade to a paid VPS plan later if you require additional resources or features. However, before upgrading, you should review the pricing and terms of the paid plan.

What should I do if I have problems with my free student VPS?
If you have any problems with your free VPS for students, please contact the provider’s customer service. They can assist you with any technical or billing issues.

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