5 Best SSH Web Hosting {Full SSH Access+$100 Credit} [2024}

Are you looking for hosting that comes with an SSH-enabled server? You are at the right place. I have covered the best web hosting with secure SSH access. Best thing about the list is that all hosting providers offer free trials, you can test them all except Hostinger.

Some of them are managed Cloud hosting. So you won’t have to be concerned about security, software updates and server management. Now let’s plunge into the post.

What is SSH Server Hosting

Before knowing an SSH hosting provider, you should understand SSH. SSH aka Secure Shell is a network protocol that gives users, particularly system administrators, a secure way to access to server or computer over an unsecured network.

The protocol provides strong password authentication and public key authentication, as well as encrypted data communications between two computers connected over an open network, such as an internet.

An SSH host provides a suite of utilities that implement the SSHprotocol. Server admin uses it to transfer files securely, control remote devices and accounts.

For establishing SSH connection, you require following things

1.RocketRocket Net Free Trial

Rocket is a premium managed WordPress hosting which offers true Cloudflare Enterprise CDN and security with SSH tunnel at an affordable plan.

The mammoth CDN lyes TTFB under ~ 100 ms around the World through their solid network of 250 pop-ups.

Their beginner dashboard comes with pre-configured speed optimization settings that boost speed of websites 3x by just hosting.

Cloudflare enterprise WAF and imunify360 in partnership, solidify firewall and real-time malware scanning & removal ensure total safety.

Additionally, their 18+ years seasoned support team dispose of queries instantly via live chat, email and phone call.

Don’t take my word. Try the host for 30 days at the cost of $1. Then you can understand better.

SSH Configuration

1.Create private key via Putty Key Generator
2.Head to Rocket Dashboard and click manage link of desired domain.
3.Go to Advanced and enable SSH Access
4.In bottom down, hit import new key.
5.Fill desired key name, paste key code and hit create.
6.Now click the right sign to authorize your key.

SSH Connection

1.Go to Overview of the selected domain.
2.You will see FTP address and SFTP username under site information section.
3.Open Putty, enter FTP address aka server IP address and set port 22 for SFTP or 20 for non secured FTP.
4.Click SSH > Auth and click to browse your private key and fetch it.
5.Hit Open. You will be connected to Rocket Server.
6.Now type SFTP username to login your server.
Now you can perform any linux command.

2.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

With Enterprise cloud infrastructure and reliable SSH tunneling, Kamatera is a shiny go to choice for absolute cloud lover where they can customize size of each components like RAM, CPU cores and SSD disk. Additionally you can attach an extra SSD disk to your server.

Their servers are rocky as these performed superbly well in an independent test. TTFB was only 22 ms and uptime shocked with 100% uptime during unpredicted stress.

Not only coders, a beginner can also host their property and connect SSH with their intuitive dashboard and 100+ one click apps.

They can quickly connect with live chat, email and phone call support 24/7, if the things are getting hard.

The host follows that first use, then trust. Therefore they invite you to test their VPS and RDP for 30 days with $100.

Only they cut $1-2 for identity verification, instantly refund it, once the sign up process gets completed.

SSH Configuration

1.Create Private Key through Putty Key Generator
2.Go Server>Open>Connect and click show Password
3.A Putty Private Key form will pop up and paste your key.

SSH Connection

Follow the above method to connect, you only need server IP, SSH username and private key. You can find server IP in Open>Overview and username in open>connect.

3.Cloudwayscloudways credit button

Forbes featured Cloudways is a renowned managed cloud hosting which is ideal for a naive. As they provide expert managed service, cloud resource from Google Cloud, AWS and Digital Ocean, SSH access, Object pro for free and CloudflareEnterprise.

Moreover, their optimized stack (Apache+Nginx+HTTP/2) with multiple cache systems Varnish, Memcached and Redis Object Cache Pro can blaze up 10x performance and unbeatable reliability.

By enabling Cloudflare enterprise, you can make server responses faster than Elon Musk’s rocket.

Cloudflare, Malcare and their expert team take care of every security aspect including DDoS protection.

And their support team is available 24/7 to help you. They offer free trial with $100 credit.

SSH Configuration

1.Generate SSH private key
2.Head to Menu bar > Servers and click Preferred server which you are going to access.
4.Hit SSH Public Keys under master credentials and paste your key.

SSH Connection

1.Add public IP (you can find it in the master credentials section) and your key to Putty and hit open.
2.Enter username.

Now you are connected with your server. You can command.

4.Hostinger Hostinger Free Trial

Most loved by beginners and most affordable in the hosting field, Hostinger is a sparkling choice for SSH hosting.

As they use innovative technologies such as HTTP/3, IPv6 and LiteSpeed servers with unmetered bandwidth on their 9 global data centers.

With their handy hPanel, a newborn server admin can access SSH hassle free.

Meanwhile, you can seek help from their flexible support team 24/7 on email and live chat.

Note- SSH is available for all plans except entry level plans.

SSH Configuration

1.Create PPK
2.Login to Hostinger account
3.Navigate to Settings > SSH keys
4.Hit Add SSH key
5.Paste your key and save it

SSH Connection

1.Head to Dashboard>Advanced>SSH Access and enable
2.Copy server IP, add it, port no and PPK to your Putty.
3.Hit open and enter username

5.Namecheapnamecheap free trial

Namecheap is a good choice for beginners who seek cheap shared hosting with cPanel and SSH access.

The feature comes with an entry level plan which costs $1.98 per month. They allow only jailed SSH access which limits access and allows basic shell commands, not advanced.

Also the hosting doesn’t provide SSH enabled by default, you need to request it from their help desk.

However, cPanel eases the SSH connection and website management.

Their servers are powered by Apache, Litespeed, Supersonic CDN, unmetered bandwidth and 24/7 responsive support.

You can take a test drive for free.

SSH Configuration

1.Login to cpanel
2.Go to SSH Access>Manage SSH Keys
3.Hit Generate a New Key
4.Fill Key name, key password (passphrase),
Key Type and Key Size and press Generate Key.
5.Click Manage of Public Keys to authorize it.
6.View Private Keys, convert into .ppk and download it.

SSH Connection

1.Hit up Putty
2.Enter host name and port 21098
3.Add PPK file to auth section and press open.
4.Drop your cPanel username and passphrase.
Now you can run SSH commands.


Rocket in the list is an absolute beast as their hosting plans are available with easy SSH access
and true Cloudflare Enterprise that ensures top notch security and one of the fastest server access over the World.

On the security, CF enterprise WAF, imunify360 and real time malware scanning work like Ironman’s shield. You can taste it for 30 days at a cost of mere $1.


What is SSH hosting?
SSH hosting allows you to access and manage your server remotely using the SSH protocol. It provides a secure way to log in to your server from any location and perform tasks like managing files, installing software, and configuring settings.

What are the benefits of using an SSH hosting provider?
Some key benefits include:

Security – SSH connections are encrypted end-to-end to protect your data and activity.
Flexibility – You can access your server from any device with an SSH client, like your computer, smartphone, etc.
Control – SSH gives you full control over your server to configure and customize it how you want.

Which is the best SSH server hosting?
With powerful Cloudflare Enterprise and ironclad imunify360, Rocket is the best one.

Which offer free SSH server hosting?
Rocket, Kamatera, Cloudways and Namecheap provide free SSH servers.

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