6 WordPress Hosting Free Trial {60 Days + Free $500} [2023]

WordPress is the King of CMSs because of ease of use, novice friendly, free, regular updates, huge directory of free plugins, speed and SEO.

But without solid hosting, a super-duper WordPress site can’t be imagined which could perform on uncertain traffic spikes and double your revenue.

We have brought up 6 best WordPress hosting providers which offer free trials worth $500 aggregately.

These hosts are purely made of cloud computing which is the latest technology of web hosting.

You can unlock pinnacle performance, security and reliability without any charges.

Sounds good!

Lets begin to test now.

Managed WordPress Hosting Free Trial No Credit Cardfree wordpress hosting trial1

Web Hosting Hosting Type Duration CC Required Link
Rocket Managed WP 30 Days No
Cloudways Managed WP 3 Days No
Kamatera Cloud VPS 30 Days Yes
DigitalOcean Cloud VPS 10 Days No
Linode Cloud VPS 60 Days No
Vultr Cloud VPS 30 Days No

1.RocketRocket Net Free Trial

Rocket is a premium WordPress hosting. With that, you can enjoy true Cloudflare Enterprise for 30 days at a cost of $1.launch coupon

After that, your blog server speed will bump like a miracle. rocket-server-test2

Over 275 robust pop-ups enable super fast data access on an average speed of 100 ms around the globe.

Over the top, their beginner friendly dashboard comes with pre-configured speed optimization settings, by just deploying your blog there, your blog speed can ramp up 3x time.

Cloudflare enterprise WAF and imunify360 is a block-bustered security partnership which can knee down any threats from the outer layer of the firewall.

Pro Con
Faster Specs Servers on 10 Locations No Free Domain
Enterprise CDN & WAF
Robust Scalable Platform with NVMe SSD
Real Time Malware Scanning
Free Unlimited Expert Migration
Speed Booster Dashboard
Free Daily Backups
4.9 Rated on TrustPilot
24/7 Responsive Support on Live chat & Tickets

2.Cloudwayscloudways credit button

Forbes featured Cloudways is a popular WordPress hosting like Rocket but with some major changes.

Cloudways offers Cloudflare enterprise as an addon but gives flexibility to choose AWS, Google or Digital Ocean server to host your WordPress property.

Its free trial offer doesn’t require a credit card. Additionally you will get free $100 hosting credits.

Real time malware scanning, deploying firewall and blocking intrusion are the prominent part of their managed service.

Pro Con
Top Cloud Platforms Fast Support costs dollars
60 Global Data centers DDoS protection only with Paid Cloudflare Enterprise Addon
NVMe Storage
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
Monthly Billings
1-Click WordPress, Magento, & Drupal Woocommerce App
24/7 Standard Support on Live Chat & Ticket

3.KamateraNew Kamatera VPS Trial

Fastest growing Kamatera provides enterprise grade infrastructure which has set a high mark in the performance.

Their server responded in 22 ms only and retained perfect 100% uptime throughout 30 days while facing various stress tests.

Test was performed on their basic plan, which was able to handle 10k con-current users in real time without any error.

The performing plan costs only $4 per month. You can unlock the superb performance for 30 days with free $100 hosting credits.

Regardless pure cloud hosting, it is super easy to launch WordPress blog with 1-click apps.

Pro Con
Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Costly Managed Service
18 Global data centers in 17 prime locations No other payment method other than a credit card
Data Loss Proof N+1 Redundant Server
Diagonal scaling
DDoS protection
Daily Backups
Pay as You Go Payment Model
24/7 Responsive Support on calls & email

4.Digital OceanDigitalOcean Free Trial

DigitalOcean’s ease of use is one of the best. I myself managed to launch Cloud server and install WordPress in 2019 whereas I had never dug in an unmanaged cloud.

Their servers are rock solid with faster TTFB (under 200 ms) and 99.96% uptime.

You can even boost the speed more by opting for the NVMe SSD. I had tested its basic SSD plan. However, you can test both types of plan for 60 days at no cost, if you have a credit card.

Pro Con
Best UX and Rich Resources Poor Support
100+ One Click Apps No DDoS protection
NVMe Storage
Second Fastest DNS

5.LinodeLinode Free Trial

Linode is ideal for big and complex WordPress websites as their servers are equipped with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 GPU and AMD EPYC 7002 chips.

You can get it for 60 days with $200 credit at no cost.

Newbie can deploy WordPress with over 100 one-click apps with free DDoS protection.

Pro Con
Powerful Infrastructure No Managed Service
Modest Monthly Payment Model
99.99% SLA Uptime
Free DDoS Protection & Cloud Firewall
24/7 Expert Support over the phone


Like Linode, Vultr is suitable for high-end resource demanding users. The host is famous for their high frequency servers which have been built with Intel Skylake chips of 3GHz and NVMe.

They invite you to test their vast resourceful server for free. Every plan comes with 29 global data centers. This is huge.

Pro Con
High-End Servers Support only on tickets
29 Global Data Centers Paid DDoS Protection
100+ One Click Apps
100% Uptime SLA
Monthly Billings


If you want serious results and want to devote all of your energy to main production, go to Rocket.net without a doubt.

Their WordPress-specilized plans are powered by true Cloudflare Enterprises, ensuring ~100ms TTFB and unrivaled security.

You can boost your site speed upto 3X with a single click using their pre-configured speed optimization settings. Furthermore, automated backups and real-time malware scanning can make your online experience more secure.


What is a WordPress hosting free trial?
A WordPress hosting free trial is a promotional offer made available by hosting companies that allows users to try their hosting services for a set period of time without incurring any costs. This offer is typically available for a limited time and allows users to test the hosting service’s features, performance, and compatibility with their WordPress website.

How long does a WordPress hosting free trial last?
The duration of a WordPress hosting free trial varies by hosting provider. Some hosting companies provide a 7-day trial period, while others provide a 30-day trial period. It is critical to review the hosting provider’s terms and conditions to determine the duration of the free trial.

Do you need a credit card to sign up for a free WordPress hosting trial?
To sign up for a free WordPress hosting trial, most hosting companies require a credit card. This is due to the need to verify the user’s identity and prevent fraud. Some hosting providers, on the other hand, may offer a no-credit-card-required free trial, in which users can sign up and use their service without providing any payment information.

What happens after the free WordPress hosting trial period expires?
If the user does not cancel their subscription before the end of the WordPress hosting free trial, the hosting company will automatically charge them for the hosting service. It is critical to monitor the trial period and cancel the subscription if the user does not wish to continue using the hosting service.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my WordPress hosting plan during the free trial period?
During the WordPress hosting free trial, most hosting companies allow users to upgrade or downgrade their hosting plan. This enables users to test various plans and select the one that best meets their needs.

Are there any restrictions on the features available during the free WordPress hosting trial?
Most hosting providers do limit the features available during the WordPress hosting free trial. Storage and bandwidth, for example, may be limited, and some advanced features may be unavailable. It is critical to read the hosting provider’s terms and conditions to understand the limitations of the free trial.

Is technical support available during the free trial of WordPress hosting?
Yes, technical support is usually available during the free trial period of WordPress hosting. Customer service is provided by hosting companies via various channels such as phone, email, and live chat. Before signing up for a free trial, make sure to check the availability and response time of the customer support.

Can I transfer my website to another hosting provider after the WordPress hosting free trial?
Yes, after the WordPress hosting free trial, users can transfer their website to another hosting provider. However, before canceling the subscription, make a backup of the website and download all files. It’s also a good idea to read the hosting provider’s terms and conditions to see if there are any restrictions on transferring the website.

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