[Best 8] 10 GBPS VPS For Unmetered Performance [2023]

Looking for VPS that can transfer data at 10gbit?

So we have brought up the most experienced VPSs, which are highly stable, powerful and innovative technology intensive.

These VPS can provide stable performance for your web apps.

Some of them are very affordable, but some are a little bit expensive. You can find out the best one.

Cheap 10GBPS VPS

Host Type Transfer Speed
Kamatera VPS 10GBPS
Cloudways Managed VPS 40GBPS
Linode VPS 40GBPS
InterServer Dedicated Server 10GBPS
Coin.Host Managed VPS 10GBPS
JavaPipe Managed VPS Shared 10GBPS
Vultr Dedicated VPS 10GBPS

1.Kamaterakamatera get started-1

Kamatera is a renowned name in cloud VPS hosting. With the 20 years of experience, they know the exact nuisance of modern webmaster demand.

That’s why they have set up 13 data centers in strategic places to cover the whole globe and maintain the lowest server response time.

With 2.7GHz Intel Xeon Platinum processors, they allow users to achieve top performance.

Their in-built disaster recovery management with a robust cloud firewall will protect you from DDos, XSS SQL injection & other threats like Thor saves Ironman.kamatera-10-gbps vps

After a growth, you can scale your plan diagonally with a click. Whether it is RAM or CPU or Bandwidth.

Besides, if you are not a developer, you can deploy your popular apps as a 1-click app.

But want to focus on your core business, you can hire their seasoned managed service.

So during the journey of hosting, seeks any help, their expert support team is ready to shoot out your problems 24×7.

Before opting their plan, you can take a free drive with free $100 credit.

Why Choose Kamatera

High-Performance Infrastructure
99.95% Uptime
Friendly for Beginners as well as Developers
10 Gbit/Sec Bandwidth
Most Affordable Plan starts just from $4/m
Daily Backups
“Pay as you go” Payment Model
Dedicated Account Manager
30 Days Free Trial with No Obligation
What Users Think on Twitter & TrustPilot?

2.Cloudwayscloudways astra theme vps

Cloudways is the best managed VPS at affordable pricing where you can host on World’s best five cloud infrastructures with few clicks-

Digital Ocean

They will manage all server operations, including security. They have recently partnered with Malcare and Cloudflare to make a solid defence against online threats.

They have built their own unique recipe of server stack (Nginx+Apache+HTTP/2) that is powered by Redis Object Cache Pro.

So their servers are 10x performant & 5x faster with unbeatable uptime.linode 10gbps vps

You can try their service freely with a 3-day trial. Got a query? Seamlessly contact their flexible team at any time.

YouTube video

Why Choose Cloudways

World’s Leading Cloud Infrastructures with 60+ Datacenters
1-Click Scaling
Unbeatable Uptime
Free Astra Theme Bundle License for 1 Year
40GBps at Linode & Vultr Plan
Free Object Cache Pro
Most Affordable Managed VPS
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
Monthly Billings
Pricing starts from $10/m
Free Trial without any credit card
What Users Think on Twitter, FB & TrustPilot?

3.ClubVPSclub vps free trial

Club VPS is a sister of Kamatera. It’s been brought up to serve SMBS.

So their infrastructures consist of enterprise-grade materials with Intel Xeon Platinum processors.

They always update their VM to make it more robust and online threat-proof.

30 popular preinstalled apps are available. You can deploy it with a click and manage it with their simple managed console dashboard.

Like Kamatera, they also offer managed service, daily backups, disaster recovery management, cloud load balancer and multiple firewall layer to avoid data loss and make a solid defence.clubvps 10gbps vps

You also seek answers from their responsive support team for your queries and issues.

Why Choose ClubVPS

Enterprises Grade Infrastructure
5000 GB Data Transfer at 10 GBPS
1-click Scaling
24×7 Human Support
30 Years Experience
$9 Plan
Monthly Billing and Hourly Billing
30-Day Free Trial at No Cost

4.LinodeLinode Free Trial

Linode is the most prolific cloud provider with rich infrastructure in the last 19 years.

With powerful server specs like AMD EPYC 7002 series and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000, they are applicable to serve for machine learning, streaming website, gaming and video rendering.

Recently in the edge computing business, as a pioneer player Akamai has acquired Linode. So Now, they are more powerful, including compute, storage, reliability, security and delivery from core to edge.linode 10gbps vps

Like other cloud VPSs, they also come with popular 100+ 1-click apps. So if you are naive, you can try it with free $100 credit.

Why Choose Linode

Tremendous Server Specs
10 Data Centers
Effortless Scalability
Free Migration
24×7 Responsive support
Pay with Google Pay & Paypal
7-Day Money Back Policy
$5 Plan
60-Day Free Trial with Free $100 credit

5.InterServerInterServer 10Gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers

InterServer provides a 10GBPS dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth.

The dedicated servers are powered by Intel Xeon E3, Intel Xeon Gold, AMD Ryzen and AMD EPYC.

The server comes with IPv4 options as well as IPv6 network solutions with fully DDos monitoring.

This server can be upgraded flexibly and get a custom quotation for your requirements.

Not to pay over.Interserver Dedicated Servers 10GBPS

With managed support service, you can feel confident about troubleshooting your problems.

Why Choose Interserver

Premium Processor
Premium Network
Flexible Managed Support
Unlimited Data Transfer
NVMe Storage
Great Uptime
10GBPS Unmetered
Custom Pricing
$44 Plan

6.Coin.Hostcoin host vps

Love to deal in bitcoin and want more privacy? Then go for swish VPS provider Coin.

Their servers are made of bare metal, which is considered a better hosting platform than virtual servers.

Their server nodes are powered by VMware solutions that combine the controllability and security of dedicated hosting with the efficiency and high availability of virtual server platforms.

Therefore these VPS deliver user experience very closer to that of a dedicated server.

Servers are ultra secured under Interxion data center and DDos protection.

The best thing is that VPS will be instantly deployed according to ordered specs immediately after the payment.

You can pay it with bitcoin.coin host 10gbps VPS

Apart from it, their 24/7 live multilingual support desk is ready to answer all of the questions.

Why Choose Coin

Affordable 10 GBPS VPS at 9.52 USD/m
Renowned Interxion Data Center with Global Presence
Flash SSD Storage
DDoS Protection
Responsive Multilingual Support Team
Linux & Window VPS
Cards, Paypal with Cryptocurrencies Payment Options

7.JavaPipeJavaPipe Cloud Hosting & DDoS Protection Expert

JavaPipe offers KVM-based VPS with DDoS protection up to 750 Gbps. These VPSs are supported by Linux, BSD and Windows OS, available at a shared 10 Gbps transfer speed.

As it is KVM based, you can seamlessly upgrade and keep complete control over your VPS.

With 10Gbps premium bandwidth, you can achieve guaranteed consistent availability, lightning-fast download speeds and low latency.

Moreover, SSD drives, DDR3 RAma and the latest Intel Xeon chips ensure top-notch performance.javapipe 10gbps VPS

This robust VPS service is available at an affordable monthly plan. You can get even cheaper pricing if you opt for a triannual plan.

Why Choose JavaPipe

Window VPS Available
Up to 750 Gbps Anti DDoS
Managed Service
EU and USA Data centers
24/7 Knowledgeable Support
Cheap VPS at $7/m

8.VultrVulture Free Trial

Vultr’s bare metal servers are one of the most powerful servers in the World.

These are consists of 4Ghz processors, NVIDIA GPU and 22 data center locations to provide a tremendous global presence, which ensures the lowest latency, higher availability and potent uptime around the main audience.

NVMe with RAID 1 system and 10Gbps network system just fuel up the powerful performance and unbeatable reliability.

Apart from it, you can love their ease of use. You can install many popular apps like Minecraft and cPanel with a click.vultr 10gbps vps

So you can get a dedicated server with guaranteed performance for your SMBs, gaming server and more.

Why Choose Vultr

Power Pack Dedicated Server
Higher Scalability
100% NVMe Storage
Secured With MFA
Pay-as-you-go Payment Model
Real-Time Billings
30-Day Free Trial With $100 Credit
Pricing starts from $120/m for a dedicated server


Undoubtedly we are going to recommend Kamatera as it is so affordable, hardware & software rich, globally available, solid defensive against online threats with a dedicated account manager and availability of managed service.


What is 10Gbit VPS?
The VPS, which provides data transfer at 10GB per second, called 10Gbit or 10GBps VPS.

Which Hosts Provide Best 10 GBPs VPS?
Kamatera, Linode, Cloudways, ClubVPS

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